About Me

Me and my pal, Spike.


I'm a young woman of twenty-two years of age, or at least that is what my parents "say". I am a Christian; I like to read, listen to music, and write stories, which I create with my very imaginative mind.

God gave me a talent. He gave me several talents. Writing is one of them, though my dyslexia makes it a bit of a challenge. Sometimes I will see (write or read) something and think it is 'Hunky Dory', but then when I got back to read it again, I will see it completely different. But God is good, and I do not let that stop me from using the talent He gave me.

I am a massive country music lover; Lucy Hale and Tim McGraw are the bomb! 
I try to listen to as much Christian music as possible, but I do listen to other types of music, depending on the style and the lyrics. Mostly 'oldies', and by 'oldies' I mean U2, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and othe artists that toured before 2010. But don't get me wrong. Love the boybands from nowadays as well.

I like to start my stories with an actual pen, the way Emily Bronte and Jane Austen would, back in those days. So, every story I have written is literally WRITTEN on paper and I spend the rest of the time typing it into my computer. Which brings me back to my dyslexia. Writing the story on paper makes the editing process much easier (in some ways more than others), especially when I always can expect to find something wrong on the paper and know how to fix it in the computer. 

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