Tuesday, July 4, 2017

#CampNaNoWriMo Day 4.2 | Meet the Danes Brothers!

Okay! I said I would write a post with my characters and some extras. First and foremost, as you know, the banner. It is mix of two stories wrapped into one. I will only be sharing the characters. I don't have much, like I said, I "pants-ed" my plot. I just dove in.

Christopher Mason as Chad Danes
Chad Danes is the elder of the two brothers. He's hardworking, loyal and head over heels in love with his girlfriend (later wife) Janice. Chad is a family-man. I've been visualizing him with this model I've seen on a few book covers, as well as some music videos. (I will post those below.)
Dominic Sherwood as Dylan Danes
Dylan Danes is the younger of the two brothers. He has a bad rep for being a bit of a bad boy, but he's trying to change. The love of his life, his IT girl, is Belle. Her parents don't like Dylan very much and try to keep them apart. And yes, the eyes are relevant. While growing up, Dylan would scare the girls, pretending to be some kind of monster, but there is only girl who doesn't fall for his tricks. Dora is like a little to Dylan, and while he is best friends with her older brother, Lucian, he adores Dora's company and her advice. 
Hailee Stienfeld as Dora Michaels
Dora is also the best friend of Janice, Chad's girlfriend, and very good friends with Belle. She met both of them at a church youth group. Dora likes to make it crystal clear to the guys in her life that she will NEVER overstep and interfere in people's problems or relationships, unless she's asked to. She is good friends with both Dylan and Chad. She hates to see any of her friends hurting and does whatever she can to help them feel better. Dora is actually the younger of the group. Both Chad and Dylan are two and three years older than she is. Her brother, Lucian, is a sophomore in college. Janice and Belle are a year older than her. 
Matthew Daddario as Lucian Michaels
I don't have an ideas for who would be Janice and Belle yet, but I have a fairly good idea for Lucian. This is not my final dream cast, they just fit physically-wise. Lucian Michaels is Dora's older brother. They get along and it is Lucian's fault everyone sings the theme song to Dora the Explorer to tease Dora. She hates it, but now and then, she lets it slide, depending on the moment.
Chad and Bailey
Like when Dylan just needs someone hear him out and out of endearment, he sings the song softly. Okay, fine. One small spoiler. Dora and Dylan become the godparents of Chad's little girl. That's all I'm gonna say for now.

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