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#NaNoWriMo2016: Pieces of Me | Characters, Cover, Summary | #amwriting #Wattpad @NaNoWriMo @PRWrimos

Hey everyone! Boy, do I have a fun post for you! Today, I am going to be revealing my novel summary, sharing a bit about the characters, and revealing the cover. I will also throw in some of the images that inspire me. Let's get started! Oh! 
Title: Pieces of Me (A Novel)

Plot/summary. My main idea is that my two main characters (both older than 20) meet each other through the INTERNET and become really good friends. Possibly best friends. Female character will, somehow, lands up at the hotel where male character works, but they don't bump into each other until when female character plays damsel in distress. Not purposefully, mind you. There is a MAJOR reason for this, and it will involve some staff members of the hotel. Male character's father owns the hotel, which means male character is rather wealthy, but he prefers making his own way. And his father respects his choices.

Romance? Yes. Clean romance. But its a slow, budding romance. Its possible the characters won't actually end up together until MUCH LATER. Or they may not end up together at all, because Danica has eyes for someone else? 

Characters. I have two main characters, and then a few side characters (who may or may not have their own, separate, stories. We'll see). 

Inspiration for main characters' appearances.
Name: Aldrich “Dante” Djokovic
Birth Date: April 17, 1991
Age: 25
Height: 6’4”
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Raven-black
Hometown: Čačak, Serbia
Relatives: Father; mother
Siblings: None
Significant Other: Danica (maybe, maybe not)
Characteristics: Sweet, kind, gentle. Is very loyal, and easily trusting. Kinda quiet, not very outgoing, unless among close friends. Hard working.
Job: Valet - in his father's hotel.
Childhood Dream: Make a difference.
Other: Dante is a very private kind of guy. It is not that he doesn’t want to reveal more about himself, he just doesn’t know how. This makes it hard to prove his identity to Danica when trying to help her regain her strength.

Name: Danica Kensington
Birth Date: June 14, 1993
Age: 23
Height: 5’6”
Eye color: Medium-brown
Hair color: Dark, ash-blonde
Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon
Relatives: Grandparents, cousins
Siblings: Older half-brother Charlie
Significant Other: Dante
Characteristics: Bubbly, likes to make others smile. Creative; extremely imaginative. Extremely honest; possibly too honest.
Job: Author - 16 novels
Childhood Dream: “Meet my soul-mate and fall in love.”
Other: Danica is very open and honest.

Now, for the cover, I wanted something extremely simple. I can no longer use Pixlr on my laptop. Don't ask me why, because I really couldn't tell you. Everything goes wonky whenever I opened the program. So, I've been using Canva. They have some really nice Wattpad cover templates and using what they offer, along with some cool public-domain images from Pixabay, I came up with this: 
Purdy, ain't it? Hence my reason for feeling inspired by the image I shared above.This is so Dante. Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. I will share more on the characters in my next post, and I will share some of my notes.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? If so, what is your novel idea? 

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