Sunday, October 23, 2016

#NaNoWriMo2016: One Week Warning!

Hey everyone! Well, only a week away and NaNoWriMo starts! Eee! 

I am so stoked to get started. The past couple of weeks, I have pulled together everything I have for Pieces of Me, and I have been working to have some extras ready so I don't have to pull my legs off. 

By extras, I mean I was writing very important e-mails that my characters will be exchanging. I think it would have been too . . . tedious to come up with them during writing sprints and whatnot. Writing those emails during the 30 days would have taken too much writing time.

However, by writing those e-mails, I have my outline laid out and I won't get off track. I plan to write this novel in parts, and each part with have an X-amount of chapters. And I found some really great quotes that I will mention at the beginning of the part sections.

I've played it all out.

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