Friday, October 7, 2016

#NaNoWriMo2016: I . . . have . . . AN IDEA! (Grug - The Croods) | #amwriting #Wattpad @NaNoWriMo @PRWrimos

I got this idea the other night. Dante's character lives in Serbia. Yes, that means I have to learn the language, just a few score phrases. Dante has to communicate with his father. Alternating POVs. Only Danica's chapters will have the actual Serbian language. Dante's chapters will be "English", but readers will have to imagine his chapters in the Serbian language.

I said I was going to make the romance element slow building. That means I really cannot let it start until at least the middle. I've been talking to an author who self-published his first book this year, and he gave me some tips that I have been taking into consideration. 

I'm learning to have more tension between my characters. I strongly believe this will be one of my best works. I say that about almost all of my stories when I start them. I'm biased. Can you blame me?

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