Thursday, July 14, 2016

#CampNaNoWriMo Day 14

Hey everyone! Today's post is going to go more in depth of my novel, a bit about my use for visuals and perhaps I will even give you another teaser/excerpt! I have managed to read my just below my 50% marker at Camp. Which is amazing!

First off: How cool are these blends! 

(You can click on them to enlarge them.

The artist who made these for me also made me the cover you see to the left here. Cover is linked to Wattpad, in case you would like to read what I have so far. 
What is really great about these visuals is the simplicity. Because, really the story is rather simply put and I like it that way.
Ren (Grant Gustin) is learning Spanish. I had a dar a few days ago and instead of picking a language I do not know, I chose one that I know very well. Ren plans to go to Spain and teach English after he graduates from college. In order to do that, he must be fluent in Spanish. His Spanish speaking skills are going to come in handy when he and Jade  (Eiza Gonzalez) start hanging out. The plot (so far) takes place through the course of a few days. Or rather it begins the day before Thanksgiving and then were are thrust into full swing school week. I know I said this book would have tiny tidbits that connect it to Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, which it does, but also as mentioned, it is entirely my own imagination and creativity.
I have been letting the story flow through my fingers. I am letting it take flight and not worrying about it not following my "outline", because it is turning out so much better than the outline. The plot follows the first portion of my outline to the T, and then drifts off when it gets to the U. Which means by the time I reach Z, it will something different and new. Well, new to me in terms of I have never written anything like this before.
What are some details that connect my novel to Shakespeare's classic? Well, for starters, Ren and Jade will share their first kiss when they still barely know each other. (Jade . . . she is kind of all over the place at the moment. Ren keeps seeing her in her worst moments and next thing he knows it is as if she hasn't even thought about her hardships. Ren, on the other hand, is full of surprises.) As you can probably tell, the important characters in the story all have names that start with the first letter of Shakespeare's original characters.
Romeo - Ren
Juliet - Jade
Mercutio - Mitch
Benvolio - Ben
Tibolt - Tyler
Montegue - Michaels
Capulet - Calder
You get the idea. Ren and his cousins, Mitch and Ben, sneak into the gala, which Jade's father gives every year. This is the same as when Romeo and his cousins sneak into the Capulet ball. However, this is not where my characters first meet. Jade and Ren see each other the night before the gala, where they are both in a Chinese place getting dinner. Ren with his parents, and Jade with her brother. 
I mentioned one of my twists being the fact that Jade's brother, Tyler, wants her to be friends with Ren. Whereas Tibolt wanted Juliet to have nothing to do with a Montegue.

Now . . . Should I share that excerpt? I think I will!

I drop my fork on my plate with a clink and reach both arms around Jade, pulling her into a hug. I lean my cheek on top of her head, cradling her to my chest.
"I'll call my parents and ask them," I whisper into Jade's hair. "I'm sure they will understand . . . I can stay in here and you can stay in my room."
"Thank you," she whispers back, relaxing in my arms."My phone is upstairs . . . I'll be right back."
Without thinking, I kiss the top of Jade's head before getting up. I squeeze passed the coffee table and sprint towards the staircase. I can hear my phone ringing as I rush up to my room. My phone is sitting on my computer desk. I notice four missed calls from Ben and groan. I decide to call him back before calling my mom.
"Ren?" Ben says when he picks up. "Please tell me you have one of your parents' cars."
"What's going on?" I ask cautiously.
"It's Mitch," he replies, I can hear the grimace in his voice. "Don't ask me how he managed it, but he went to the Calders' with some girl, and he got me to come along because Sheila is here too."
"I'm not coming this time, I'm sorry Ben. I've Jade over here and she's having a hard time. She doesn't want to go anywhere near her house right now and I am not about to leave her the way she is . . . If you are able to get Mitch back to whatever car you went in, maybe I will meet you halfway."
"Okay . . ."The line goes dead and I groan. Mitch must have a death wish if he snuck out while being grounded. I turn and start to head back downstairs. When I enter the den, I see Jade curled up on the couch, chin resting on her knees, which she is hugging to her chest.
"Did Tyler say anything about my cousins being at your house?" I ask, kneeling next to the armrest.
"No," Jade replies slowly, puzzled.
I sigh, "I just spoke to Ben and apparently Mitch managed to drag him out with Sheila and one of her friends . . . I said wasn't going to go rescue them because you were here, but that I might meet them halfway if Ben can get Mitch back into the car they got there in."
Jade's face scrunches up. "Wasn't Mitch grounded?"
"Yes, and he still is, but he seems to have gotten past the warden somehow."
I glance at my phone as the screen lights up with a new message from Ben. I groan and open the message.
Mitch just passed out and Mr. Calder has security all over us. What do I do?
"Crap," I hiss, looking back at Jade. "Your dad got security involved with my cousins."
"Tell Ben to find Tyler," she says quickly. "He'll get them out of there without any scrapes."
I nod and quickly shoot Ben a text.
Find Jade's brother, Tyler, and ask for his help.
Okay, I'm going now.
I'm gonna alert your parents. Sorry that you keep getting mixed up in Mitch's biddings.
I don't care if I get grounded . . . Sheila was cool.
*eye roll* Ben, she is not worth it, even Jade said so.
Whatever man.
"I just texted Tyler," Jade says, showing me her screen. "I also texted Laura, to see if she can help somehow . . ."
"I'm gonna call my aunt real quick," I say, dialing Aunt B's number.
"Ren, please tell me you know where my boys are."

That is all for today! See you soon!

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