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Project Reveal! | #CampNaNoWriMo July

Time to reveal my Camp NaNoWriMo project idea! 
Below is my novel blurb/summary, character (dream cast, descriptions etc.)
I do not have the Wattpad cover yet. The artist is away this week, but I should be getting it when she gets back from her trip. The image below is just to give an idea.
There is also a list of QAs; common questions that most readers might ask about the project. 
If you have a different question, other than what is already stated, feel free to comment and I will answer best to my ability.
Let us enjoy my genius!

Romeo's Sneakers
Word Count Goal: 65,000 words.

Two family businesses, one feud. Will it never end?

Ren Michaels; smart, kind, and always getting his cousins out of trouble. One of the biggest events of the year is the Thanksgiving Gala, and the only way to get in is by invitation only. However, Ren and his cousins, Mitch and Ben, manage to sneak in without security throwing them out. It is here that Ren lays eyes on Jade Calder. Ren knows he has no chance of ever impressing a girl like Jade, but that all starts to change when she starts going his high school.

When Ren least expects it, he finds himself there for Jade when no one else is around. Jade may be the daughter of his father’s competitor, but what matters most to him is making sure Jade knows she can trust him as a friend . . . Or maybe as something more.

These characters were so much fun to create. Though they reflect the characters in the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet, they are of my own creation. 

Ren Michaels – Grant Gustin

Ren is a modern version of Romeo Montague. 

17 years old.

Though Ren’s father is a business owner, his family is very casual and giving to those in need. Ren is very down-to-earth and always looking out for the people around him. He does have a bit of a wild side, but his consciousness usually overrules any crazy decisions he might make.

Ren has a good judgment when it comes to sensing someone’s character. When he first meets Jade, he does not care that she is the daughter of his father’s competitor. He cares that she is a regular teenager like everyone else and he can tell that she has a little trouble trusting him. This does not stop him from proving to her that not all people are gold-diggers.

His cousins, Mitch and Ben, are modern versions of Murcutio and Benvolio. There is going to be an extra cousin, but I am not sure how he will fit in yet.

Jade Calder – Eiza Gonz├ílez

16, almost 17, years old.

Jade is a modern version of Juliet Capulet. Unlike in the classic play, she is not the only child. She has a brother, named Tyler, who is two years older than she is, and he is a modern version of Tibult.

Jade wears a front when her “rich” peers surround her, but in reality, she prefers the people who are not thinking about the money. She has friends, but they are not her real friends.

When Ren appears, she questions his interest in her, but cannot help noticing the effect he has on her. She has a few issues trusting people, but Ren keeps proving that he is trustworthy and an amazing friend . . . or more than a friend.

Mitch – Liam Hemsworth

17 years old.

Mitch is wild and very flirtatious. He is always trying to get Ren to go on dates, setting him up with girls who are not his type and likes to embarrass the crap out of him.

Mitch's older brother is already married, which he believes gives him license of authority above Ren and Ben, because he became an uncle at fifteen.
Ben – Harry Styles

15, almost 16, years old.

Ben is not as crazy as Mitch is, but does not like to being left out of the fun. He is the youngest of their trio, by only a couple of years, which Mitch believes gives him permission to call Ben the ‘baby’. He is sweet and shy, and has a massive crush on one of Jade’s friends.

Tyler Calder – Alexander Ludwig

18, almost 19, years old.

Tyler is not quite like Tibult; in fact, he is the opposite. Instead of wanting Jade to have nothing to do with Ren Michaels, he encourages her to build the friendship. 

Will there be romance?
Yes, there is romance in this novel.

What novel does not have even a hint of romance? Even if romance is not the main drive in the plot, there is always some hint of it, just to give the reader something to latch onto, aside of the main storyline. 

Is this story a re-telling of Romeo and Juliet?
Not exactly.

Though this story has a hint of the classic play, this story is entirely my own creation. My initial idea is just to bring to light a great story with my own twist on familiar aspects in the Lit-World.

How did you come up with this idea?
The image at the beginning of this post was my inspiration.

I was merely going through some images, thinking about Camp NaNoWrimo, what could I do, you know. Then I saw that image and the first thing that came to my mind was how adorable it is when a couple wears matching shoes. I know, very vague, but that is the point.

How did you come up with your cast?
My cast came as I was planning my outline.

When I was coming up with my outline, I needed visuals of who I was creating. I was originally going to call my main male protagonist, Blake. Blake was going to be the complete opposite of who Ren is now. I suppose the best way to explain this is . . . Blake would be a major bad boy, tattoos, built like a Mack truck. . .  Yeah, but then I realized that is not a character I really want to be leading the story. So, I changed his name and instantly saw Grant Gustin as Ren Michaels. 

After creating Ren and who he is, I knew he needed a counter-part. Jade Calder came into my mind and I did not want her and Ren to be magnetic characters. You know, opposites attracting and all that. They are both very similar in so many ways and the best way to portray that is to make one of them have some personal issues and the other to help that character break out. I don't know much about Eiza Gonzalez, but she fits the mold I call Jade.

Coming up with Ren's cousins was easy. I simply told myself: "Haddie, just make them super charming, goofy, wild and you'll have Mitch and Ben." Truth be told, it really was super easy come up with Ben and Mitch, because I was thinking handsome men with accents, but pretend they don't have accents in the story. (Also, have you seen Harry Styles' new hair look? *swoons*). Liam Hemsworth fits Mitch, which means his older brother character will be Chris. Spoiler.

Tyler, dear Tyler. This character is very protective of his younger sister, as any brother would be, if he is close to her. I have an older brother, but I am not close to him. He's closer to one or two of my younger sisters. Don't as me why, but this is where my dream to have a close older brother figure in my life takes wind. Tyler is my dream older brother. Choosing Alexander Ludwig was spontaneous. In truth, I needed him to kind of look like Jade, reflect who their father is, but be a complete sweetheart with her. I know A. Ludwig does not really play characters like that in his movies (prove me wrong), but he's still a really good looking dude and he fits Tyler perfectly.

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