Thursday, June 23, 2016

How will I juggle classes and Camp NaNoWriMo? O.O

So . . . I like completely forgot that I signed up for this online class. O.O Yeah, I am going to be taking this online course for foundations in blogging and content marketing. Something I am already pretty good at, but I would like to further my knowledge on this topic. I start Monday, and the hour the class starts is at a time my sister usually has my laptop . . . "Um, sis? I really need to reschedule your hours and you need to really work on getting your own PC, because this is putting a dent in what I plan to do for a living."

Yes, I have decided that my "hobby" of writing non-stop is my profession. I know that I have other things I will be doing, but I am definitely writing for a living. Jane Austen lived by her pen, why can't I?

I only have three classes a week, two live and one on demand. We'll work it out. But what I am worried about it the Camp session. I know I will be able to pull it off. April was hectic at home, and yet I managed to write and complete a novel quickly. I can do it. I know I can.

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