Thursday, May 5, 2016

#ThatMomentWhen your bookshelf asks for a new book.

So, I did something nutty. It was surge of the moment, without even thinking. My bookshelf has been asking me for some new books lately. So I got four news ones to add, but the shelf was not satisfied. I decided to ask the shelf why it was not happy with the books it has and here is it's reply:

"I want to hold one of YOUR books on my shelves."

I didn't understand at first. "You are holding several of my books," I told the shelf. "The ones I bought and won through giveaways. This is the most books you have ever held since I added you to my room."

"No," the shelf replied, apparently frustrated with me.
"I mean one of YOUR books. One that you WROTE."

"Oh! Okay . . . How am I going to do that?"

My shelf gawked at me.
"You have been learning this stuff for months! You know what to do to make this happen! Make it happen!"

So, after much given thought, and days of hard work . . . I edited and formatted my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, created a temporary cover (which is lovely, if I do say so myself), and sent it into CreateSpace for review. . . . Yeah. I did. I mean, I have been playing around with the site for a while, but never actually put something into the review process. I was just getting myself acquainted with the process. 

Yeah . . . Below is a video. Its just me looking at a digital proof of the print book . . . Oh! and look at the cover. I know, the image is a little pix-elated. This book is only for my shelf. I would need to go through quite a bit for this to actually be my cover, but I don't have the means yet. 

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