Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Birthday is Coming!

Hey peoples! From the looks of the snazzy banner, you have probably guessed that I am about to talk about some novel ideas . . . NOT! I already did that on my website, and I am not going to start from scratch. However, if you are curious, you may check it out HERE.

Guys! I'm going to be 23 next week. Like . . . It's literally been a year since I decided to sport T. Swift's 22, hoping to remind my parents how old I am. I won't be able to sing that anymore! What's worse? I have no idea what I want to do that day! I mean, I had an idea, but I think it will fly out the window, because things have been a little tight lately and my mom is not big on sappy, sad romance films. And I am talking about the following movie, because it comes out on the 3rd!

I know; Sam Claflin! Anyways . . . Yeah, what do I do! I would ask for a few new books, but I have not seen anything in the stores that I would like, and they change by the next time I browse. The other trouble about that is if I do decide on a book, it has to fit my mother's view of what she thinks I like to read, and what I like to read is  . . . complicated. If you follow Haddie's Haven, you know what I like reading.

I am getting caught up with the books I have left to review, and several new ones have piled in. Most of which I should not look at until next month, and others I should have finished by now. I guess some of them I am not as interested in as I thought. Which is sad o.o How can I not be interested? My only logical explanation is that I am not in the mood for those particular books at the moment. What has been grabbing my attention over the last couple of weeks . . . You will find out soon enough. I have a blog post planned for Haddie's Haven which I should get back to working on. There are books I have not shared yet, and I think they should get more attention.

Some snazzy blog tours coming up. Most of which I am stoke about, others that I need to get stoked about. Well, I hope you are all well. What are some things you have been doing lately? Comment below. Interact with me; I don't bite. Pinky-promise.

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