Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th | Are you spooked yet?

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On another note. It's Friday the 13th and I really like the fact that I am not superstitious because I love teasing about today. I can remember, back when I was in "school" (music school), my friends would start joking about how we all went out on this "unlucky day" and would pretend to make things go wrong. I know, we were seriously nutty for joking about a matter that is serious to other people. It was harmless play, I promise.

I'm not totally myself this week. If I were to announce that I am on Silly-Pills, I would totally say it is true. I've been going a million Miles an hour. Because not only have I been really loving all the books I've been reading lately, but I've got my own books prepared for proofing and they will sit on my bookshelf so I can reach over and read them if I want . . . *SIGHS* Yeah. I have good reason to be on speed.

The horse came back yesterday. Justus likes to break away whenever he senses the feed level dropping. Every time he escapes, he goes to the other side of the mountain and hides there for weeks at a time. Then he comes back when he realizes he wants a bit of hay or feed. My brother has had it with that horse (even though he is related to Secretariat), so he is going to put him up for sale. 

Also, my dear old dog, Spike? The time has come to admit he is just too old and is suffering too much. I am not going to make the call to the vet, but I have decided it is time to put him out of his misery. I've still got Bella and Bruno, plenty of pictures on my personal instagram (username is mlhadassah if you wanna follow me). I'll be okay. Spike was not mine. He was a responsibility my dad took on as a favor to a neighbor. 

My Facebook page has 70 likes!!! I added my page link to the tabs at the top of this blog. Everything concerning me, my writing, books I am reading, or just general randomness, is shared on that page. Give it a like. You will receive notifications in your news feed every time I share a blog post, a picture from Bookstagram (username is haddies.haven). Everything goes on that page! Check it out!

Well, I will see you all again soon! Bye!

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