Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A new month means new adventures!

So, on Sunday it was raining cats and dogs. So much that the lights went out for a few hours. I was wigging out, so I went to my mom and asked it my sister and I could turn the car around in the driveway. Yes, and another cool thing about that . . . the car I was driving is actually going to be mine and my sisters after we get our licenses and after my parents get another car. 

On another note, I am on a major writing streak, as well as a reading streak. I am almost caught up with the books I have to read, not including upcoming books for review tours. Some of which are in the mail right now, on their way to me.

I read a nice book today. Not disclosing anything until I post a review. This one deserves a blog review. Which means I should break away from here and go write it because I need to scream about that book!


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