Sunday, April 3, 2016

Just a 'Figment' of my Imagination.

Hey everyone! I felt like posting today, so here I am. And I also felt the need to share something here, because my little embed'd widget is on THIS blog. (Hint: in the sidebar, beneath the 'About Me') 

The following paragraph is stated on my own accord and not sponsored by any means.

I was looking around Penguin Random House (PRH) to see some new releases and such, when I came to the footer of the website. You know how some websites share their branches and such? Apparently, PRH has a small branch site called Figment. Why have I not heard of it before now!? The site is just like Wattpad, but there is something more . . . simplistic, I guess. Like, it is very simple to use, but it has more ways for readers to express how they feel about the story, aside of the regular vote/comment. There is a button, laugh, cry, 'Wow', shiver, and blush buttons. How cool is that!

Anyways, to see if I like the site or not, I posted a story or two over there. So far, I do like the simplicity of posting and how everything is laid out. If you have been wondering, yes, that is the Figment widget on the right sidebar. Be sure to check it out, since that story is exclusively being posted to Figment and nowhere else . . . At least until I am finished with something else.

It is Sunday, and life on the homestead has seemed to FINALLY returned to normal. Still have a few things that are pending, but everything is normal again. And that is quite a relief. 

I am listening to One Direction right now; I have not listened to them in a LONG time. I have read . . . 5 or 6 books in the last week. What! Yes, I have finally been able to read again, and it is not bogging me down. My tablet (Kindle app) has kept me entertained as well as helped me catch up on reading. I just don't know how much more my heart can take! To be more precise, out of the 5-6 books I have read, 4-5 of them each involve a massive heart-wrenching plot that was just too amazing to stop reading. I have posted most of my reviews, and I still have some that will be going up this month. Be for-warned, they are heartbreakingly amazing.

Also, check out this song, it had (has) me in tears. Thank you Celeste Grande for getting me hooked on this song! 

Just in case you missed it - Live Me Review - because this song is what the author was listening to a few days ago while writing the sequel!

That's all for now, ciao!

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