Friday, April 22, 2016

#CampNaNoWriMo2016 Day 21+22

Hello wondering people. I forgot to post an update the other day. But hey, there is not much to say about Day 21. One reason being that I barely wrote anything and was up and down a lot . . . Okay, that is not entirely true. I was busy trying to find a particular story that I had read on Wattpad a few months ago. It was written by this guy whose girlfriend was dying, in the hospital, and how she asked him to tell her story. That was what the description said at the time.

I found the story yesterday, after spending my entire laptop time of looking through my browser history. I am literally so happy that I found that story, because it is one of those stories that should not be left on the curb. Another Wattpad user was also searching for it, so we teamed up and would tell each other if we found it or not.

Back to my writing. This morning, when I opened my project, I noticed my word count was different from the last word count I had marked on Camp NaNoWriMo. I had to change the word count, and it made it appear that I was deleting words. -_- But then I wrote 300 more words than what had been "taken away" and it went over. 

I am looking ahead, to when I finish The Blank Space, because I mention in my last update that I did the dare to put in a character that would not be mentioned again. That this character would have his own story. I am not writing it yet. I think I might save it for after I get back into writing Zvezda. My commitment to this project is coming before everything else at the moment. So, once the month is over, and I get my last chapters of Zvezda written, then I move into working on the spin-off novel. Hint: >>> Black Sunshine <<<

I have so many other stories that have been on hold though. -_- I do want to work on those books, but I like to work on where my mind is focused, unless I am focused on two things at once. Which has become a rare occurrence recently. I am not looking at that as a bad thing, because it is good that I am not losing focus on the one novel I need to work on, and have a second going as a distraction. 

Yes, distraction. I no longer secretly classify it as multi-tasking. No no no. I decided to call it what it is. Distraction.

My writing pace has slowed down a bit too drastically; however, I am managing to keep my word count almost the same each day. I am writing around 2.5k words a day since the pace slowed down. The estimate word-count I should be doing, to finish on time, is around 1.3k words a day. So, I am still ahead, and nearly finished. Current word count: Almost 51k words. That is impressive, considering the circumstances. 

I told my sister, the one who is writing the memoir, about my progress and her eyes grew wide. My sister has always been the better writer in my eyes. I never compare myself to her, but I admire her for always having the love for writing long before I got into it. Heck! She's the one who got me hooked on Wattpad in the first place! I started out by just reading and then I started writing a month later. July 2010 was when I joined Wattpad. It been almost six years. I'm gonna have to do something fun to celebrate! I know!

I'll write another novel. *sneaky grin* Maybe, since the next Camp starts in July, I will do the challenge again. Maybe I will save my spin-off until then, so that I can get it written quickly. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know yet.

That is all for today. I will see you Sunday!

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