Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kindle Library Downloading . . . .

Okay, really, the tablet was sent to my mom and my younger brother for research purposes. However, the tablet does not stay connected to WiFi for longer than ten minutes. My mom said I could have it for my e-book library. Problem solved! Except, it took an hour to download the Kindle app, another 30 minutes to get Nook; its working on Kobo, Goodreads, Wattpad and Facebook. The only app that took five minutes to get was Twitter, but that was last night. 

Even so, I already was able to get twenty books into the device on the Kindle app. So, I'm not disappointed about the WiFi suckish connection problem. The point is that I can read certain books offline. Also, yesterday was such a nerve-wracking, hectic, kind of day. But not going to share that, only because its not worth speaking about because some of you may not understand it. And that's okay. (All this was in the morning)

I mentioned not being at home much last week. I think that took a toll on my dog, Bella, because she won't leave my side! And I see it as a good/bad thing.Good, because it shows her loyalty to me and my family. Bad because she is not supposed to be in the house. . . . Yeah, I have been letting her sit with me too much. It's her new "bad" habit.

I decided to post today, because I do not know if I will get to post tomorrow or Friday. Be sure to check my site - http://hadassahbooks.worpress.com - I will be announcing something pretty cool over there. It involves my plans for my fairy-tale re-telling series, and something else that connects with that. I feel a bit like I might be throwing mud at the roof to see what sticks, but it gives me a goal to work towards.

I am going to try and get my BookTube channel running. This time, with actual book-related content videos. I will not be doing tag videos, at least not until I get the hang of the channel. My main videos will be book hauls (not unboxings because I can never contain my excitement), and TBRs (To Be Read) videos. More about that on Haddie's Haven (when I get the chance to make that announcement.

A million good evenings (mornings, afternoon), see ya!

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