Monday, March 14, 2016

Its Monday Morning, and I've got the 'Sunday Hangover'

Hello peeps! As you can probably tell, I forgot to post yesterday . . . and on Friday. But if you knew the week my family has had, you would understand. I will not go into detail, because I do not want anyone to assume the worst. Aside of not getting much writing done, I have been slowly getting my book blog posts to drop. I still get emails from he coordinators, but I don't sign up as often as I used to. My balance has to tip more to one side now, which means book blogging might be on a hold for a while. Which I don't want to happen, but its necessary. 

On the 17th (this Thursday) Haddie's Haven is going to announce the giveaway! Not only that, but my video channel is going to have some new content . . . not really, but I plan to try and post at least twice a month. Having multiple blogs comes in handy. Because the content I share here is not something I feel I would share on Haddie's Haven, or on Hadassah Books. Speaking of Hadassah Books, I have some exciting news I will be sharing over there. Yes, it concerns publishing.

On another note, I posted on Haddie's Haven about a book haul I am planning. I did not specify all the books I plan to haul, because I am not certain about them all yet. But to see that CLICK HERE! However, the books on that list are likely to change, unless the $$ I am expecting does arrive.

Also, many of the books I have reviewed, I will be re-posting them on The YA Shelf. But only a few of them . . . 10 to be precise. But I am going to elaborate on some of the reviews, because they are older reviews that I wanted to give light to the books.

Anyways, I will try to get my posting schedule back on track. God bless you all. 

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