Sunday, March 20, 2016

I made it through the week. . .

Are you wondering why I have barely blogged in the last few weeks? Well, I regret to break it to you, but I am not at liberty to share that with you. The last few weeks have been pretty rough on me and my family. We were rarely at home last week, and in the weeks prior the house was constantly full of uninvited guests. Along with a bunch of other details that I will not share right now. Story made short, it's been tough.

Anyways, I have some great news. I am writing again! After what seems like FOREVER (literally), I am back to my writing. IDK if any of you have been keeping tabs on my author website, Hadassah Books, but I did share my official cover for the first book in my Tales of a Russian Heart series. You should totally follow me over there, because I share everything related to my publishing journey over there. Also, I am having a giveaway on Haddie's Haven! If you like signed bookmarks, enter now! The giveaway ends on April 30th. 

I have been goofing around with every single CreateSpace cover template on the site. And I found a few that I L♥V3, literally. They fit some of my stories so well. 
I have to get back to whatever I was doing. See ya!


  1. Excellent use of Brave GIF! I'll definitely check out your giveaway, hope things calm down for you soon!

    1. :) HAHAHA! Yeah, that was me when I woke up. God is in control, He knows why this month is like this. But hey, it didn't kill me. I must be getting stronger. I've got sore arms to prove it. ;) ♥