Sunday, March 27, 2016

Back in the Game!

Hey everyone! Guess who is back to reading more than one book in a day. *points to self* ME! I read 2 books over the weekend. One that almost left me in hysterics, and the other lifted me out of that gutter. If you are interested in seeing some reviews, click the covers below.


Yes, I read those 2 books this weekend. On my e-reader/tablet, thank you very much! I've been able to slowly catch up. As long as I don't abuse or overwhelm myself, I think I will be back in the reviewing game. With a few restrictions to keep my head level.

With the crazy week that has finally passed, I feel slightly down. One reason being that I have not had much time to continue writing. However, this morning, I managed to finish writing a chapter, and start the final chapter as well. Maybe I can get this book-baby done with and move to the next one. *shrugs*

I have not much else to say. Happy Resurrection Day! (or Easter, if you wish). See ya!

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