Sunday, February 28, 2016

We're in a leap year . . . right?

So, I was thinking. . . Technically speaking, February has only 28 days. But this time around is a leap year. To me, its just an extra day added to the calender. 

Anyways . . . . The last couple of weeks have been slow, though I was certain not to mention it. I wish to speak about it more openly, but I'm not ready for it. I am not sure I could speak about it to my sister yet, either. . . .

The other day, I watched The Fault in Our Stars. I cried my eyes out and then moved on to Romeo and Juliet, and then I watched all the Nicholas Sparks book-film adaption that I possibly own. And cried my eyes out entirely. 

*Clears throat and begins to speak with an accent*
No plans at the present time. I regret to inform you all that I've not the slightest idea of where to continue with this post. Therefore, I humbly ask that you all forgive me. I bid you all a good day, and may all your happiness be the blessing you did not know would come. 

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