Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday, Penmanship Day.

It's Wednesday! How are you guys doing? My imagination is going back to when I was younger, as I watch the first few scenes to Anne of Green Gables. LOVE THIS MOVIE! I'm also going to try and see the sequel, and the continuing story.

I was writing a lot today, but mostly just short pieces for one of my short story series. Along with the poll, I pulled out my short story to get it finished. Someone was asking about it, so I figured I would hold my word and finish it.

As for my silly use of the gif, I liked the movie, and Chloe's character reflected me and my sister-bookworms. Every time someone says they are not into reading, I think of that scene.

A pretty short post, but I've gotta finish some stuff. And a big sister's job is never done. Ciao!

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