Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday . . . NOT! #Imhyper

Sorry, I had to crack myself up! Hahahahaha! Okay, right into it. 
Fair warning, I started this post last night.

LOL so most of you might already know why I am using the Flash gif. Yes, I am bringing back out something I mentioned a few months back. And that is my NaNoWriMo fail of a 30-day challenge. Nothing wrong with that, I had a lot going on in November. Anyways, Heart and Soul was brought back out. I finished the chapter I had left and started a new one.

I also pulled out some other stories. Been working hard on Hadassah Books to make it author website worthy. I know, I've got so many "sites" but you know what? I don't care. I know how to keep up with them. Plus, I am on hiatus from actually reading/reviewing books at the moment. So Haddie's Haven is pretty much on hold, aside of some book blitzes, giveaways and cover reveals. 

I am still on the idea of writing. I still L♥VE to write. I am learning to not push myself and overload myself. I take breaks and focus on other things in between writing streaks. I'm at a steady pace. I like where it is.

Wednesday Morning:
Anyways, Top 5 things I did this week are writing, designing my "author" website, relaxing, talking to awesome people, and finding my balance.

I'm going to try and keep things as they are. I need to lessen the amount of "tasks" I take on my shoulders. I should not do that to myself. Not entirely healthy.

Special announcement going to take place on Hadassah Books, so be sure to keep a look out for that. Follow me over there, if you haven't already.

See ya later!

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