Sunday, February 21, 2016

Titles and Logos for Series Ideas

Scarred Hearts
A very random post that I thought I would not put on this blog . . . changed my mind about that, but it will be shared on Hadassah Books as well. :D
Hey peeps! A very clever girl I am. I have FINALLY come up with the title for the companion series, which includes my novel Scarred Hearts and Pictures of You (currently revising). 

This lovely logo here, I was goofing around with a few title ideas and realized that I had the title all along. 

Back in October, if you peeps all remember, I wrote a post called:
What am I Reading? - More Book  Covers
It was a post with a bunch of covers that look similar and are all epic ideas that I have secretly worked on . . . Well, I finally came up to the plate with what I would call the "series" of companion novels.  The reason behind the title of the "series" comes from the idea I have for the novel Seeking Shelter (shown in the poll in the sidebar), where the protagonist has written a novel called Hearts of Gold. When I realized that I wanted to know what the character wrote, I went full speed ahead to get the idea down, so that there is a novel to read from within another novel. Also, all the novels in this series link to each other. to find out more, visit Hadassah Books!

I've also done this with my fairy-tale re-telling idea, as you can see. Yes, there is to be more than one book in the Tales of Russian Hearts series. I know, crazy, but its a great idea that I am rolling with. 

If you would like to know my progress with this idea, visit Hadassah Books! I post every other day, alternating each post to the book I am working on in that moment.

And because I got carried away, I have also made a logo for my Rescued short stories.
But now that I am thinking about it, those short stories would count as novellas, or one combined novella. 

I might change these logos as I go, to see what fits best, but you get the idea. Each of these series hold special places in my heart, and I DO intend to finish what I started. Especially since I have secretly been working on them for the last month or so. Nothing major, just outlines and character development. 

I am also working out what I want to do in terms of publishing. I'm am nowhere near ready, as it turns out. Pictures of You, though this novel is complete, is in need of MAJOR revision. So I unpublished the story from Wattpad, and will be revising it. 

Well, that's all for today . . . I think . . . How many times have I mentioned Hadassah Books? Dead serious when I say that you should go check out that blog/site. Because once I get my novels out there, that is my author website, and will be all things related to my writing and publishing journey. I will still have this blog, and any other blog that I have, but that one is specifically for my novels.

Okay, I'm done stalling! :D BYE!!

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