Sunday, February 7, 2016

Head-cold and allergies.

Good afternoon wonderful people. How are you all feeling? Me? I've got a minor head-cold and allergies. Yesterday, my right eye was watering like crazy. Every time I sneeze, my eye waters. But not my left eye for some reason. Just the right eye.

Well, its a new week and I've been super involved in my writing. If you're not following Hadassah Books, I suggest you go over there right now and see what I've been up to. I've got most of my progress about my Cinderella re-telling and Pictures of You posted over there. Spoiler alert: I've pulled out my other works and will be working on them! 

I'm letting this post be very short. I've got writing on the brain and water in the right eye and my right nostril. I know, a little TMI but its the solid truth. See you all later this week, or before, if I have something new to share. Ciao!

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