Sunday, January 3, 2016

One Month, No Giveaways - WHAT!

Hello everyone! First off, if you were thrown off by the title and the gifs . . . that was not the point! My mom came to me and asked that I take a month off from entering giveaways . . . I did not enter or win that many in the last six months. If I had won every single one of them, then I would see why. Also, I'm 22 . . . But whatever. I have a lot to get done this month anyways. (This next bit was added later . . .) What about all the giveaways that will be announcing winners this month? - 1/4/16 - I have since been notified that I won another few giveaways . . . O.O

Okay, now my reason for using the gifs is because I did win another giveaway over the weekend! Signed paperbacks (firs three books) of the Everealm series, by J.D. Wright! (Blood Moon is available for purchase HERE - Warning: for mature/adult audiences.) I also got $15 to Amazon, but I gave that to my sister, because we made a deal. "Whichever one of us wins the giveaway, you get the $15, I get the signed paperbacks." The other day, when I told her that I was giving her $15 dollars, she automatically know what I meant. Okay, enough about giveaways, let's talk writing! (Any story I mention will have the Wattpad read-link in the title.)

I managed to post an update for Pictures of You, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. The story is FINALLY coming together, but I want to get the entire novel to around . . . 80,000 words. The reason is because I want it to be a light read, but I don't want it to be considered a SHORT novel. A medium novel is my goal. I have received a good deal of new comments on the story, and they are all positive, so I must have made the plot come together, after that one chapter that had me on hold. (No, this is not the current cover, and no, it is not the cover I wish to use for publication.)

Another novel I want to finish is Spirit Warrior. I have a reader who really enjoys the story. Not to get into too much detail, but they found the story very relate-able to a personal experience. Now, I posted the story to my Write-On (Kindle) profile, and have received a good comment on how to fix a few things in the few chapters I have posted. They were very insightful, and I am looking into them. I started this novel so long ago, hoping to give a turn to my writing. I have always loved reading fantasy, and I looking to give it a try, though I had it marked as Action/Adventure at first, (which I also love reading). 
I did try writing Fantasy six years ago . . . it did not go well because the idea was good, but the writing was terrible. However, I did not let that stop my writing streak. I've come a long way from where I started. With a little help from my writing/reader-inspiring sister, I have managed to become a great writer. All it took was encouragement and a LOT of practice.

Heart and Soul.I posted a chapter to see if I might continue. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I am taking the writing advice of Mandi Lynn, so I am trying to keep my focus on writing one novel at a time. (I shall admit that I have several of my novels open this afternoon, trying to figure out which one I will work on, though I should be working on PoY.) Because there is only one POV/chapter posted right now, I don't know how readers are reacting. They will need a little more if I want them to react the way I hope. 
One of the fun parts about creating the plot for this novel is that I really wanted to have Grant Gustin portray the male protagonist, Barry Allen. I originally saw Lucy Hale's appearance as Monica, but now I am drawn between her and Danielle Panabaker. (Yes, I ship SnowBarry.) As previously mentioned, my intention is not a Fan-Fiction novel. Which brings me to an old story I almost abandoned.

Honor and Respect (Praises and Miracles Sequel). This story was started during the One Direction hype. I took part in it, yes, but I used it to show my skill in making something so well known and making it my own. There are other stories similar, but not quite like this. I am not trying to toot my horn, I am just saying that some of those writers have a little ways to go if they intend to have Jesus exalted in their Christian Fan-Fictions. (In my experience from looking around and reading some of them, they lacked a little bit, though they did have an interesting plot.) Notice the covers are exactly the same, just title and character changes? It was the best I could do at the time to make the two appear similar and for them to connect. I actually might change the covers and use a new pseudonym on them. . .

Oh, meet Daniil. I will not elaborate on who Daniil is, but I will say that it involves a princess at a ball, after midnight . . . No, not Cinderella, a different princess. . . Okay, fine! This is the prince in my Cinderella re-telling idea. People! I watched Tristan & Isolde, and I cannot believe I did not recognize Henry Cavill until I saw this picture last night! I want to watch it again, just to see this guy in action. Which brings me to the unfinished cover on the right here. >>>>
Elizabeth Harplove is another pseudonym that I liked from the name generator. Don't worry, I have thought it over, and I have decided that if I publish any of my novels, Hadassah Harper is automatic, unless my sister likes my idea and tells me that it is a good idea. (I esteem her advice because she was at college level reading/writing when she was 8 years old, not a lie, ask her!)

My brother is going to learn Nathan Sykes' Over and Over Again on the piano for me! xD!! I showed my brother the song, asking him to learn it, and he said that he loved the song and would learn it!

Okay, one last thing before I go . . . okay, a few things. I have a small collection of short stories that I would like to fix (edit, proof-read, etc.) that I might put as a published book to get people ready for my novels. These short stories . . . I think some of them might be pointless, but they are nice, clean stories and if put together, they would make a decent pocket-sized book. The stories I would include are these (not with the covers, just the titles.).

Boy Battle (took me three years to finish)
Mark's Past (This was my first story ever)
My Choice (was written in two days)
Falling in Love with my Best Friend: Senior Year (first completed ever)

 Well, that is all for today. I might be have a giveaway on Haddie's Haven tomorrow. And  . . . I might be giving something away, not a promoted giveaway, something from me . . . Will I? Most likely, but more on that when I finalize it! God bless you and see you next time! BYE!!

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