Friday, January 8, 2016

In My Head - Books, Awesome Books!

Hey peoples! So, I realized I did not post on Sunday . . . I posted Saturday. . . I think. But anyways, I thought I would share some of my progress in preparation to get a "test-subject" ready for publication. (It may or may not have taken me a few days to get this post together.)

I think one of the best parts of getting my novel (Pictures of You) ready for publication is that I have so much inspo and hope to get it all down before it disappears. Now, self-publishing any of my works is to get me acquainted with the process, so that I can help my SISTER publish her memoir. You see, I learn by watching and doing. I have watched others, and now I want to do so that I can perfect the skill and plant the knowledge in my brain. That's how I roll.

Anyways, I wrote down some priorities to focus on; novel edits I might need, paperback size, sites to visit for that particular book, etc. (If I forgot to mention it, I bought another notebook specifically for this purpose. No, not the "Keep Calm and be a Princess" one.) However, in order to do any of this . . . I still need my own bank account and some sort of income to pay for all of this.

I am getting my license this year . . . Yeah, I know, late bloomer. But it was not necessary that I have one until recently. Here are 2 reasons why:
  1. I live with my parents, and they usually do all the driving.
  2. I do not really go anywhere on my own, nor do I own a car to do that anyways.
So, I am going to be studying the driver's manual, while reading my TBR for 2016. No, I do not do monthly TBRs, because I never know if I can stick to them. Usually, I will pick up the book I am in the mood for. I have many books I am trying to read, but that is not important right now.

Scarred Hearts is in need of major edits. Or else it would have been first on my list for print. I am deciding whether or not to publish e-book first, then paperback, or both. Some of the authors I follow all recommend (because it works for them) publishing e-book first, and then coming out with paperback later. I, personally, think that is a good marketing tactic, if you are looking to make good book sales. But I am more eager about having my book in my hands.

As my sister will often say: There is nothing quite like having the book in your hands; to smell and feel as you indulge in reading.

I completely agree with her, even though I will grab the e-book when the print is not available. Speaking of which, though I have several e-ARCs in my computer, from reviews I signed up for, some of them I would much like to have in print. (The DIMILY Trilogy by Estelle Maskame; Finding Perfect by Kendra C. Highley; to name a few). 

Back to what i was talking about before. I am deciding about going for E-book first, then print, or both. I might want to run this by my sister, since we bounce off each other when it comes to writing, blogging and books in general. We do not share the same taste in books, that is a major fact, but we do give each other's taste a try, now and then. I used to bug my sister about certain books, trying to get her hooked with me . . . Easier said than done. You see, my sister is more into, let's say, All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doer. I, on the other hand, prefer books that are romantic, heart-wrenching tales that have me screaming because I don't want anymore, but I cannot stop reading it! *Takes deep breath* Yeah, so I cannot always get her to read my kind of books, but we can both agree that Melanie Dickerson and Stephanie Landsem are amazing authors. Those are the books we can both get hyped about together.

Speaking of that . . . Today was the day that my sister chose her books she wanted with the $15 I gave her from the Everealm giveaway we both entered (See this POST if you haven't already). The funny thing . . . Before giving her my Amazon info, I got an email about another giveaway prize . . . Yeah, so she helped me purchase a book, then I helped her choose her last book. Here are the books we got.

I bought Steel, by Carrie Vaughn - this book has been in my wish-list for . . . possible since before Christmas, when I saw it on Book-Outlet. Now, I am an avid epic-fantasy reader. Steel is Vaughn's only stand-alone novel, according to her GoodReads page. If you all remember, or if I never said it . . . Well, this book is similar to R.J. Larson's books (Prophet, Judge, King - Books of the Infinite), but I don't think with Biblical similarities. But that is okay, its Fantasy! My sister got the follow books. The Rosie Project, Sister Queens.

Well, that is all for this post . . . Yeah, I'm gonna stop here, hahaha! I hope you are all well, and special advice of the week is: God is merciful, but you can only obtain mercy if you ask it of Him. God bless you, see you soon!

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