Sunday, January 24, 2016

Guess What?! - Book Boys Swoons

By the time this post goes live, I will (hopefully) already have started what I am about to talk to you about. :D Do you like the gif above? You've probably seen it before, in a review on Haddie's Haven - in my Everealm review. (Speaking of Everealm . . . New review coming this week for the third book. Be on the lookout for that.) 

So, I was going to try and make a video today. . . with my face . . . with my voice . . . What ever for? I don't know. I had this idea that I could make a video to give proper pronunciations for my Cinderella re-telling. (I have some new posts going up on Hadassah Books about my writing process.) Since I am using Russian phrases, names and possibly places, I figured it would help others who started reading the PROLOGUE . . . . If you are following me on Hadassah Books, you will already know that the final title is NOT Virtuous Maiden. You will need to see my other site to know what that is. *WINKS*
I've also got some stuff that I need to add to my new novel. Saturday was my "day off" you can say. But that did not stop me from having an inspiration spurt. Only this time, I was able to catch it and save it for today. Again, more on that on my new site Hadassah Books.

I've got so many posts going live this week on Haddie's Haven! I've never had so much content to post about. And the emails for them just keep filing in! I have a blast getting the posts ready when I have the time ahead of the posting date. I've also got a few books that I will be reviewing in the next couple of months. Luckily, they are not locked files that expire, and my posting dates are not for another month or two (February and March to be exact), so I will have plenty of time to get to reading them. I am going to make a post on my book blog about those books that I will be reading. I am NOT going to make the list too long. I don't want to scare myself again. O.O

That is all for now. I hope you are all well. Remember that God will listen to your cries, IF you are obeying His will in your life, and IF you ask of Him. God bless you and see you soon!

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