Sunday, January 17, 2016

Family . . . What Would They Do Without Me?!

Yes, I consider myself one of the most helpful sisters (daughter) in my family. I mean, what would my parent(s) do without my help in the tech department, or the electronics department. Honestly, the day I get my own place or get married, they will be calling me to help them put the TV back on the right setting. But hey, that's been my job forever. 
I think the gif above is a good description of me (Lucy) and my sisters (Sasha) when we are getting along (like when we went to the mall last week). My SISTER and I, we are author buddies. Every time either of us needs to bounce off the other, we're there for each other.

I have to say that I have a very subtle way of showing appreciation and gratitude, when face to face. Very much like the gif here. I've taken notice to it every time my dad passes by and says: "You're beautiful, my daughter." 
Even with my family members, I am shy! But, a fair warning to anyone who would dare speak against any of my family . . . You're begging for the wolves to be released.

Well, it is Sunday and I have decided not to give myself a to-do list . . . I never make a to-do list, but I usually have an idea what I would like to get done. I want to try and get some reading done (because I have a few stops for blog tours coming up). one book in particular that I did not see the confirmation email until five days ago. My stop is on the 19th. 

I have to be straight honest: Unless the book is calling my name, I will not not get it read on my laptop. Reading on my laptop is hard! I mean, when I am hooked on an author or a book, and its on my laptop, I will most likely get it finished in one day. But that reading time is always cut short because of the laptop schedule with my sister. I can get a book read very quickly, if it is in my hands, in print form. (Speaking of that, check out my review for Annabeth Neverending, by Leyla Kader Dahm. I read the book in a ew hours, spread through 3 days.) 

I am thinking about putting a glimpse of my new novel for you guys to read and leave comments on. I won't put it here on this blog, but I will put it on Hadassah Books, because it will pertain to the content I am sharing over there. I've only got a few posts there, but its a work in progress.

Well, that is all for now. I've got a Russian re-telling on the brain and I don't want to lose it. See ya!

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