Friday, December 18, 2015

Reading, Writing, Nathan Sykes, and Nathan Sykes!

I just have to say this: though I did not enjoy The Wanted until recently, I love Nathan Sykes' voice. And my favorite song of his is Over and Over Again. So you all know, I have not actually watched the music video until a little while ago . . . I'm crying!

This week has been a rather writing filled week. But I have also been trying to pull together all that I can to know about self-publishing. I went to the extent of buying a new notebook (journal, really) to keep myself organized.

It fits me perfectly, at least I think so. A good friend of mine once called me a princess, a few years ago, on my twentieth, and the nickname sort of stuck. But I am not stingy ;) Anyways, yeah, I bought it to keep my notes together, and even organize myself for when I am ready to self-publish. (BTW, I made a second FB page, but to separate the book blog from the rising author, CLICK HERE) I am very happy with the information I have been gathering, and I feel that, with a little funds, I could publish a book or two. I could do it; I already have the know-how and the tactics to get my platform built, all that jazz.

Well, that is all for today/night. I will see you all on Sunday!


  1. I recently discovered the Nathan Skyes song and it really is beautiful!

    1. xD It is! It has become my go-to song for writing, it just fits perfectly with everything i write. ☺ ♥