Sunday, December 20, 2015

Note to Self: You are getting very close to completing your goal!

Good Mythical Morning! (Yes, I just finished watching GMM on YouTube)

So, I am here at the table, in my usual spot, mentally preparing myself for a day of writing. At least, I hope to get some writing done. Tomorrow is my "posting day" for PoY, but the new chapter is not finished yet. I had managed to write a good portion of it last Sunday, but not enough during the week. But as I often say, it is not a big deal. You gotta take each step as it come. Don't jump and try to skip over things. That can cause you to not see a coming step and you can trip.

Something smacked me in the head yesterday, mentally. I cannot get a book self-published without having some sort of income to pay for it. *SIGHS* I already know how will get an income, but more on that another time. I also have been planning the final cover(s) for a certain novel (or two) for when they are published. But I am not going to show those off. . . . Not on my blog anyway. I am testing a few finalized covers on PoY, but not on Wattpad. I am using it on my Write On (Amazon branch) account, and hoping it will get some love. Speaking of that, I have to post a new chapter of PoY over there.

Scarred Hearts is also going to have a final cover for publishing, but I have not worked that out yet. It is posted to Write On, and I have been getting the feedback I was hoping. I only have a few chapters up, but the feedback is helpful. Now I have to work all those details into the book, and fix it. Which means. . . . I will need an actual editor. Another thing I will need to pay for. To be totally honest, I was going to try and eek by and go as cheap as possible, because I thought I was not going to have the money for all the special stuff. But like I said above, more on how I will earn for my book in another post.

I was looking at the Entangled Pub submissions page the other day. As it turns out, I meet most of the requirements to submit a manuscript. My problem? There are some things about my novel(s) that . . . they might not fit along the other books that are published there. I mean, I write very clean fiction, that would be suitable for all ages. The thing with Entangled is that their imprints fit a certain box (age of characters/readers, content, etc.) and I don't know where the novel would fit. 

Entangled's CRUSH imprint is for Teen & YA readers (16-18). My novels would fit there, but I made my characters ages 21 and older, even though I can say the content is appropriate for everyone to read.

Embrace is the NA imprint, which means intense content for new adults (and readers who like reading that genre). I have had my share of NA plots and they are not all that bad. I always say that I rarely find a book that I do not like, but believe me, I still feel like the Beast when I read books like that.

Entangled Pub has many imprints. I would not mind publishing with them, but I need to focus on the things I am doing right now. Maybe, one day, I will submit something to them. I have read a good few books from them for reviews, and a lot of my writing has been inspired but CRUSH. I often say it, and I think it is because CRUSH is my favorite genre. YA novels are my peeve. No, I take that back. Books that are based on Biblical history are my peeve. (Stephanie Landsem, Davis Bunn, Janette Oke and R.J. Larson are my favorites [so far] in this genre, go check them out ASAP!)

Along with my notes for Amazon KDP and CreateSpace, I am also looking into Smashwords. I have had an account there for a while, because some of the books I am currently reviewing came directly from there, (special promo code from the authors). It is a lot of fun to look at other people's experiences with self-publishing. 

Mandi Lynn is someone that I have found particularly helpful. I think it is because we are close in age, and I can relate to her. She has a series of videos on YouTube (BookTube) that follow her journey to publishing her two novels. (I am planning to get her fist novel and see if I like it.) She talks about editors and formatting, even down to recording her conversation with the bank when she was trying to pay for everything, because she was a minor at the time. Anyways, most of my notes that I have are from her videos.

My mom was very surprised to see how many pages of notes I wrote on the first day that I got my new notebook. I filled three pages, and there are no lines of separation. The entire page is filled with notes. I have since filled more pages of notes, but that first day was surprising. I am not a very good note-taker, unless it is something I enjoy. (the Script - It's not right for you)

I think that I can safely say that I am very close to completing one of the goals on my list. I should write that list on actual paper, because I have it on my blog and in my laptop. But I should have it somewhere I can see it, when I am not on my laptop. Another thing to work on. I might just put it into one of the notebooks I have going. Or . . . I could get another journal like the one I got for my self-publishing notes. More organized, in my opinion.

Oh! I woke up with the most awesome novel idea, but I need to finished my current works first. The idea was so perfect! I wrote it down and I m going to make sure it does not collect dust. It will be memorable; the plot will be captivating, and inspired by my favorite authors. I will say no more.

Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend. Lots of fun this week; let the holidays begin! Bye!

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