Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! Firstly, I have to wish you all a very merry Christmas! I actually wrote this post a full few days ahead of time. Mainly because I knew I would not be on my laptop at all. Here is what I will be doing when this post goes live!

On Tuesday, my dad and my mom (one of them) went to the fish market to buy loads of fresh fish for Sushi, for Christmas dinner. (I might or might not have gone) (This sushi will last until Friday evening) You see, there were few years that my family did nothing but Sushi for Christmas, for a week. As it turns out, the last time we were able to do that was when I was 14. O.O Yeah, I know, so long ago. My sister was the one who planted the hint and my dad said "Let's do it!" I will be assisting in the making of the sushi rolls; at least I hope so. Another thing I will be doing is reading. I have my little collection of print books and I want to read the over again.

I won a $5 Amazon GC, so I bought another Jody Hedlund book (Unending Devotion), which left me with $1. So I was thinking to myself "What e-book can I get that is under the usual price?" So I went to my wish-lists and looked around when one caught my eye. Finding Perfect by Kendra C. Highley. I may have mentioned reviewing that book (via Netgalley) a couple months ago. Anyways, I love that story so I could not resist getting a copy for myself.

Speaking of books, I have so many books that I have to read and review. And I just added, like, six more to the growing list. If you would like to see that list, you can CLICK HERE, and scroll to the bottom of all those books, to the reviewing montage. I know, its a very long list, and some of those books were from NetGalley, which means they are long expired for my reading use. The last book on that list (Annabeth Neverending) is coming via snail-mail, in print, from the author. I look forward to reading/reviewing that one.

It's been a pretty good week, in terms of writing, but I will say that I have not written as much as I would have liked. I mean, I have inspo for PoY, but I keep needing to get up. I do have a great idea for a new story, which I think I mentioned in my Sunday post. I decided to write an outline (which I don't usually do when I come up with a new story. I usually just write the first chapter to not lose it). I don't want that idea to get lost. But I know that if I were to work on it, I will get distracted from PoY. So that story is definitely on the back burner until I finished my current goals.

I am constantly trying to do everything that is requested of me, which kind of takes me away from my stuff. But living in a big family means giving up what you want for someone else. I have that mastered, and to be honest, it feels good most of the time. It makes you feel like you have pleased someone. At least, there are people I love to please and others who take it to a new level of nagging. But you gotta brush it off and move on. That's my mom always says.

Well, I hope this post finds you merry and full of joy. I gotta go. God bless you and see you next time!

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