Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sundays are Good Book Days.

Sundays are good book days.

What i will be reading. . . Or trying to read.

Good afternoon everyone! Well, it seems that I might be able to catch up in some reading. I have so many books that I should be reading before January. If I don't get them done, I can get them read/reviewed later. But I normally get my reviews up within a day of reading the books . . . which means, I am rather behind. I thought I would put all the books I have waiting for reviews. (Most of the books I will mention are from either Xpresso book tours, ya bound book tours, net galley, or via the author(s) - I will also give a brief explanation why i request the book, or what intrigued me. If I don't, I ran out of words and decided to just share the book.) I will add goodreads links to all the book Titles so that you can add them to your reading lists, if you wish. (This post went live on Haddie's Haven a short while ago.)

First on the list (Well, maybe not first) is: 

I got a review copy through Xpresso Book Tours - I have yet to read the first page. And it has been sitting in my laptop for a little over two months now. Yikes, I know. I usually will get a book done within a day of receiving it. This is the case with the majority of the following books, but I will say which ones.

I also got this book through Xpresso Book Tours. I did read the first page, but had to put it down because life got busy. I know that I am going to love it once I get to it. And it is a very cool cover!

I think it was the cover that grabbed my attention, That usually is the case.

Via xpresso book tours - I was intrigued by this book because it is not traditionally published. And who doesn't like a book about a group of friends on adventure. 

Via xpresso book tours - Similar to the ones mentioned above, the cover caught my eye..

(The Primordial Principles #1) 

By Laney McMann

via Xpresso Book Tours - 

Forget me not by allison whitmore
Via xpresso book tours - This is a more "darker" read, but I am in the first couple of pages. I keep losing my place whenever I have to get up.

Without a doubt by lindsey paige
via xpresso book tours - this is a NA-lit novel, and I want to get straight into it. the last time I requested a na novel, i loved it! I could not get enough. (The sad thing was that the file was from net-galley and it expired after 50 days. I believe)

No Promises by N. Raines
via xpresso book tours for a review tour that is coming in january, so keep an eye out for that.
I've already started this one, though the first few pages have me a little iffy about it. The first chapter contains an element that I do not support, but I am going to try and push passed that and keep going. The plot is what intrigued me at the start. Also, the guy on the cover is pretty good looking.

I got this via the author, shortly after reading the first book. I still cannot get over the first portion of the book. it had me in tears, covered in goosebumps, and on an emotional roller coaster. I actually hope to get to this one ASAP, since the third book in the caelian cycle is to have a cover reveal soon . . . 

A horse named dog
by Lauren Oliver
via ya bound book tours
What girl does not love horses? Well, though the main character is a young boy, I still wanted to read and check this out. I have several books from the black stallion series, so imagine how intrigued i was to hear about this.

Distraction (Westbrook, book one)
by Laura Clark

via the author - when I RECEIVED the email about reviewing this book, I was so glad. I rarely get emails about review requests, I mainly request them myself. This book seems to be right up my ally, in terms of "contemporary". 

Outsiders by tammy ferebee
via the author - This book is going to take me to a new level in my comfort zone. Granted, I have read my fair share of NA-Lit and a few adult fantasy novels, so it is not going to be too far off. The author had read my reading preferences and thought I might not like it, due to a certain element of passionate love. But that preference list needs to be updated, since I read a wide VARIETY of book genres now. definitely looking forward to this one. 

Annabeth Neverending
by Leyla Kader Dahm
via the author - The author of this book contacted me through goodreads, and this book should be arriving to my house within the next week or so. This will be one of my first print ARCs. (I do have others, but those were from contests through publishers.)
I really think that this will be a quick read for me, because it will be in my hands, and not on my laptop.

via the author (twice) - I got an e-arc of this book from the author, twice, because it was in a swag-pack she was giving out to readers, and because I requested it from her website. This has been sitting in my laptop for too long. Every time i look at the book button, i say to myself: "You have to read that!" Even my mom said it sounds pretty cool. Who doesn't like a good time travel book?

The CHICAGO war series by Bethany-kris
Book One - Book Two - Book Three
via the author's publicist - I saw this book through a cover reveal, or a book blitz, on another book blog, and loved the covers. I went to look at the author's website and she was giving out arcs of the THIRD book, along with the first two books for the people who are not familiar with the series. Are the covers not the coolest!



Via the author - I own the first book and the prequel already. When the author mentioned wanting more reviews for the series, i went for it. she gave me books 2-5 for review, and I will be reading the sixth book towards the end of next year. I am in chapter 2-3 of the first book, blast of the dragon's fury. This is technically a middle grade fantasy series, but i think the prequel is ya.

Via the author - This was in my email last night! I have raved about the first two books left and right! I am so happy to be reading this; I have been anticipating the release forever. It is to be released in january, so I will try to save it for when it becomes available. Fair warning: adult content; intended for mature audiences.

giveaway prize - I won this through a Western FB-readers group. it is a Western novel, obviously. I have only read one Western in my life, but that was when I was 17, and a week later, my sister gave let someone have it. I am supposed to have received a picture card of the cover, but IDK what happened there. I am on page 3 of this book, for three months now. I do not know if I will be reading this one along with the ones on this list, but I do want to read it soon.

Well, that is 25 books, but the list still goes on. I have a few books that I have not mentioned yet. mainly they are giveaway winnings, with the request of a review once i have read them. if I feel like it, I will add them. 

Books. Who does not love books? There is a bookworm in all of us. it just takes the right book to activate that love for literature. (A similar saying can be found in "This book will change your life" by Amanda Weaver)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! Firstly, I have to wish you all a very merry Christmas! I actually wrote this post a full few days ahead of time. Mainly because I knew I would not be on my laptop at all. Here is what I will be doing when this post goes live!

On Tuesday, my dad and my mom (one of them) went to the fish market to buy loads of fresh fish for Sushi, for Christmas dinner. (I might or might not have gone) (This sushi will last until Friday evening) You see, there were few years that my family did nothing but Sushi for Christmas, for a week. As it turns out, the last time we were able to do that was when I was 14. O.O Yeah, I know, so long ago. My sister was the one who planted the hint and my dad said "Let's do it!" I will be assisting in the making of the sushi rolls; at least I hope so. Another thing I will be doing is reading. I have my little collection of print books and I want to read the over again.

I won a $5 Amazon GC, so I bought another Jody Hedlund book (Unending Devotion), which left me with $1. So I was thinking to myself "What e-book can I get that is under the usual price?" So I went to my wish-lists and looked around when one caught my eye. Finding Perfect by Kendra C. Highley. I may have mentioned reviewing that book (via Netgalley) a couple months ago. Anyways, I love that story so I could not resist getting a copy for myself.

Speaking of books, I have so many books that I have to read and review. And I just added, like, six more to the growing list. If you would like to see that list, you can CLICK HERE, and scroll to the bottom of all those books, to the reviewing montage. I know, its a very long list, and some of those books were from NetGalley, which means they are long expired for my reading use. The last book on that list (Annabeth Neverending) is coming via snail-mail, in print, from the author. I look forward to reading/reviewing that one.

It's been a pretty good week, in terms of writing, but I will say that I have not written as much as I would have liked. I mean, I have inspo for PoY, but I keep needing to get up. I do have a great idea for a new story, which I think I mentioned in my Sunday post. I decided to write an outline (which I don't usually do when I come up with a new story. I usually just write the first chapter to not lose it). I don't want that idea to get lost. But I know that if I were to work on it, I will get distracted from PoY. So that story is definitely on the back burner until I finished my current goals.

I am constantly trying to do everything that is requested of me, which kind of takes me away from my stuff. But living in a big family means giving up what you want for someone else. I have that mastered, and to be honest, it feels good most of the time. It makes you feel like you have pleased someone. At least, there are people I love to please and others who take it to a new level of nagging. But you gotta brush it off and move on. That's my mom always says.

Well, I hope this post finds you merry and full of joy. I gotta go. God bless you and see you next time!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Note to Self: You are getting very close to completing your goal!

Good Mythical Morning! (Yes, I just finished watching GMM on YouTube)

So, I am here at the table, in my usual spot, mentally preparing myself for a day of writing. At least, I hope to get some writing done. Tomorrow is my "posting day" for PoY, but the new chapter is not finished yet. I had managed to write a good portion of it last Sunday, but not enough during the week. But as I often say, it is not a big deal. You gotta take each step as it come. Don't jump and try to skip over things. That can cause you to not see a coming step and you can trip.

Something smacked me in the head yesterday, mentally. I cannot get a book self-published without having some sort of income to pay for it. *SIGHS* I already know how will get an income, but more on that another time. I also have been planning the final cover(s) for a certain novel (or two) for when they are published. But I am not going to show those off. . . . Not on my blog anyway. I am testing a few finalized covers on PoY, but not on Wattpad. I am using it on my Write On (Amazon branch) account, and hoping it will get some love. Speaking of that, I have to post a new chapter of PoY over there.

Scarred Hearts is also going to have a final cover for publishing, but I have not worked that out yet. It is posted to Write On, and I have been getting the feedback I was hoping. I only have a few chapters up, but the feedback is helpful. Now I have to work all those details into the book, and fix it. Which means. . . . I will need an actual editor. Another thing I will need to pay for. To be totally honest, I was going to try and eek by and go as cheap as possible, because I thought I was not going to have the money for all the special stuff. But like I said above, more on how I will earn for my book in another post.

I was looking at the Entangled Pub submissions page the other day. As it turns out, I meet most of the requirements to submit a manuscript. My problem? There are some things about my novel(s) that . . . they might not fit along the other books that are published there. I mean, I write very clean fiction, that would be suitable for all ages. The thing with Entangled is that their imprints fit a certain box (age of characters/readers, content, etc.) and I don't know where the novel would fit. 

Entangled's CRUSH imprint is for Teen & YA readers (16-18). My novels would fit there, but I made my characters ages 21 and older, even though I can say the content is appropriate for everyone to read.

Embrace is the NA imprint, which means intense content for new adults (and readers who like reading that genre). I have had my share of NA plots and they are not all that bad. I always say that I rarely find a book that I do not like, but believe me, I still feel like the Beast when I read books like that.

Entangled Pub has many imprints. I would not mind publishing with them, but I need to focus on the things I am doing right now. Maybe, one day, I will submit something to them. I have read a good few books from them for reviews, and a lot of my writing has been inspired but CRUSH. I often say it, and I think it is because CRUSH is my favorite genre. YA novels are my peeve. No, I take that back. Books that are based on Biblical history are my peeve. (Stephanie Landsem, Davis Bunn, Janette Oke and R.J. Larson are my favorites [so far] in this genre, go check them out ASAP!)

Along with my notes for Amazon KDP and CreateSpace, I am also looking into Smashwords. I have had an account there for a while, because some of the books I am currently reviewing came directly from there, (special promo code from the authors). It is a lot of fun to look at other people's experiences with self-publishing. 

Mandi Lynn is someone that I have found particularly helpful. I think it is because we are close in age, and I can relate to her. She has a series of videos on YouTube (BookTube) that follow her journey to publishing her two novels. (I am planning to get her fist novel and see if I like it.) She talks about editors and formatting, even down to recording her conversation with the bank when she was trying to pay for everything, because she was a minor at the time. Anyways, most of my notes that I have are from her videos.

My mom was very surprised to see how many pages of notes I wrote on the first day that I got my new notebook. I filled three pages, and there are no lines of separation. The entire page is filled with notes. I have since filled more pages of notes, but that first day was surprising. I am not a very good note-taker, unless it is something I enjoy. (the Script - It's not right for you)

I think that I can safely say that I am very close to completing one of the goals on my list. I should write that list on actual paper, because I have it on my blog and in my laptop. But I should have it somewhere I can see it, when I am not on my laptop. Another thing to work on. I might just put it into one of the notebooks I have going. Or . . . I could get another journal like the one I got for my self-publishing notes. More organized, in my opinion.

Oh! I woke up with the most awesome novel idea, but I need to finished my current works first. The idea was so perfect! I wrote it down and I m going to make sure it does not collect dust. It will be memorable; the plot will be captivating, and inspired by my favorite authors. I will say no more.

Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend. Lots of fun this week; let the holidays begin! Bye!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Reading, Writing, Nathan Sykes, and Nathan Sykes!

I just have to say this: though I did not enjoy The Wanted until recently, I love Nathan Sykes' voice. And my favorite song of his is Over and Over Again. So you all know, I have not actually watched the music video until a little while ago . . . I'm crying!

This week has been a rather writing filled week. But I have also been trying to pull together all that I can to know about self-publishing. I went to the extent of buying a new notebook (journal, really) to keep myself organized.

It fits me perfectly, at least I think so. A good friend of mine once called me a princess, a few years ago, on my twentieth, and the nickname sort of stuck. But I am not stingy ;) Anyways, yeah, I bought it to keep my notes together, and even organize myself for when I am ready to self-publish. (BTW, I made a second FB page, but to separate the book blog from the rising author, CLICK HERE) I am very happy with the information I have been gathering, and I feel that, with a little funds, I could publish a book or two. I could do it; I already have the know-how and the tactics to get my platform built, all that jazz.

Well, that is all for today/night. I will see you all on Sunday!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Another Sunday, Come and Gone.

Hey all! Just so you know, I did start a post on Friday, but I stopped because I got carried away. When you are working on a laptop or a PC, it is so easy to get distracted. The reason why is quite simple. Compared to most tablets and other hand devices, it is very easy to get the INTERNET working. Whereas, on a hand device, you have to, LITERALLY, stop what you are doing to get the browser open. Laptops and PC are a click away.

Anyways, my book order (BookOutlet via Amazon) arrived last week, but I did not get it in my hands until Saturday evening. Actually, my dad had gone to the post office in the afternoon, but forgot all the mail in the trunk of the car. But when they got to my hands, I was happy. Here are the covers of those two books (which I cannot read until after all my sisters have taken their turn)

The Thief and The Tomb are books 2 and 3 in the Living Waters series, written by Stephanie Lansem. These books follow The Well, but do not necessarily follow the same story, though some of the characters are re-introduced as their own lead character. I cannot wait to start reading them!

I managed to get Pictures of You running again. I finished the chapter I was stuck on, and I started a new chapter this morning. I am taking quite a "dark" turn for this chapter, in terms of plot and emotion. I do not mean "dark" dark, I just mean it is not as light and carefree as the previous chapters. A hint: something tragic. 'Nuff said.

Another thing I have managed to do is nothing. Yeah, I am the princess of nothing, hahaha! Well, I take that back. I have received MILLIONS of emails, promoting giveaways, and I have entered almost every single one of them. And right as I am writing this post, I am participating in a FB event, hoping to win one of the giveaways they are holding there (Kindle!).

Well, that is all for today. I do not have anything else I wish to say. So, live, laugh, love and cry a little. :) God bless!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

How forgetful am I? - December Goals List

Hello! Well, it seems that I did not post at all last week, nor have I stated my new month ideas/plans. *Gasp* I can offer only one explanation: I am forgetful. Now, I did not "forget" to post, per-say, I just forgot to open my blog page. I had a post idea ready to roll, I just never got around to opening a new post page. Anyways, I am here now. 

Wow, can you believe November has come and gone? It feels like only yesterday I was getting ready to post my first post of November. I did not complete that many goals for November, but I hope to get those things done this month. Here is a list of what I hope to do:

  1. Complete Pictures of You.  

    I was unable to work on this book ever since receiving a comment about some details taking away from the plot. Of which I completely agree, I just feel that the reader was not understanding it from my perspective. As most author will understand, there are some things that MUST happen in a book so that it all comes together later. With this in mind, I have tried my best to push aside the comment, though it was not entirely negative, as insightful and helpful as it was, and I am going to continue where I left off.

  2. Start posting Heart and Soul, and Public Enemy.

    I have been silently writing both of these novels, trying to re-spark my eagerness to write
    Pictures of You. So far, I have managed not to do that. However, I can say that all my ideas for these new novels are folding together nicely. I am even thinking of putting a character cameo into one of these books. Meaning: I will have a known character from one of my other works have a "guest appearance" in one, or both, of these novels. 

  3. Edit Scarred Hearts for self-publishing.

    I recently posted in the Beta-Reader's forum on Wattpad, in hopes of getting more feedback on this novel, so that I can "test-publish" it, using either CreateSpace, Kindle Direct, Kindle Scout, or by submitting my manuscript to Entangled Publishing (because I think I meet their guidelines, and they accept un-agented submissions). Now, I think self-publishing will be my quickest route, and it will help me to help my sister.  But to do any of these routes, I still need my own bank info.

  4. Prepare my Rescued novel.

    I have mentioned time and time again that I plan to put my Rescued short story "series" into a single novel. But to do that, I need to go back to the beginning and fill in the gaps. I may or may not be ready to do that, but I have pulled out the story several times in the last week, so I am already wanting to work on it.

Well, that is my short list. I have those things at the front of my head, I am constantly thinking over these things and how I can get them done. But I do push to hard on this list, because I try to put my work at home in front of everything else. For anyone wondering if I have done any sort of reading . . . I have, indeed, been reading quite a bit in the last week. I just finished the second book in the DIMILY trilogy, by Estelle Maskame. I am not going to talk about it here, because I will be posting a review in a couple of days, so keep you eyes open for that. I will share the link once the post is live. 

I recently posted Scarred Hearts  to Write On, from Amazon. My hopes are to expand the readers and get more feedback. I don't know how I came across it, but I like what the site does and I will be posting more novels there soon. CLICK HERE

Well, that's all for now. God made you special, and He loves you very much. BYE!