Friday, November 13, 2015

Still Behind . . . But Awesome Writing!

No, I did not make the cover, but overall ad is my work. Good morning lovely people! Yes, if you click the image above, you will be taken to the new story I have been working on. It is only the summary at the moment, but I do give a brief explanation on a few details. Oh! and look at the new cover for Pictures of You!
by DanielleRo on Wattpad

Well, it is officially Friday again. Another week flown by. This week has not been as "busy" as it would have been. I did not do as much writing as usual, nor did I do as much reading. I know, but its just a phase. I will get out of it. . . Eventually.
Now, I may not have done so much writing, on Pictures of You, but I did do some writing on Heart and Soul. The reason for that is because I got a little discouraged by a comment from a reader, but they have no idea where the story is going and the details they mentioned are crucial to the coming plot points. The character need to go through their stirrings so that they can realize what they are doing and seek out the solution further.

Who else is excited about 1D's album release? I know I am! I was able to get the album this morning! YES!

Anyways, I am going to try and get some more writing done this evening. I am not going to go nutty with it this morning, because I want to get some other things done. I have a few books that I need to review ASAP, but I am in a slump again.

I have been using Pinterest to keep track of m ideas for Heart and Soul, saving character outfits and appearances. If you would like to follow that board, CLICK HERE. I also have just my story characters' outfits in general HERE.

Well, that is all for now. If anything exciting happens, I will blog about it on Sunday. See you then! God bless!

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