Friday, November 6, 2015

Let the Weekend Begin!

Hello everyone! At this present time, I am learning to market books, using what I have. This is to help my sister in self-publishing her memoir, and I will be assisting her in the process. I have been goofing around with CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (as I have mentioned before) and I have been learning the tricks of the trade, learning the proper formatting, everything. I have not gone to the extent of testing the published side of the deal, but seeing one of my stories with an ISBN is really awesome.

I have tried to see what my readers on Wattpad would think if I published a book next year. I got one response and it was pro-publishing. Of course, this reader said "If I had the money" which means it would go fine, but I would need to work at getting the book out there myself. Which I am already doing and learning more each day.

I am going to be rather helpful to my sister when the time comes that she will begin the self-publishing process. I may not be her editor, translator, and/or cover maker, but I will be her formatter and marketer. Which is my area of expertize, as well being a graphics artist. But my style of graphic is not exactly what she is looking for, as I have tried repeatedly to give her some examples. She has the platform and audience. Once they know she is publishing this memoir, they will be after it. She just needs to see that.

So what I have been doing this week is learning those tricks of the trade. I spend most of m mornings doing that before getting into my regular routine. Then after lunch I am spending another hour learning about the trade, and then an additional hour to add some writing before I let my sister use my laptop.

My writing is going pretty well. This weekend I intend to try and get more writing in tonight, and on Sunday. (And my dog won't leave me alone. He keeps coming into the forbidden dining room area of the house.) I have been following the NaNoWriMo participants' progress, to see how everyone is doing. I might just jump into the game later on, but not likely. I like writing at my own pace, and I am doing quite well for now. If, in the future, I feel more confident to enter NaNoWriMo I will. But I am happy with my current writing/word building process.

Scarred Hearts was my test-subject for learning how to format a manuscript to fit CreateSpace requirements for review. I did not submit the complete project, because I do not know if that is the book I will publish first . . . Yes, I do intend to publish my books, now that I am learning this stuff I cannot resist. I have a completed wrap-around book cover that I made, which you can see here -

Might not be the final product.

Granted, it is not the best, but I followed the guidelines from A to Z. This would be a pretty decent size book. I sized it 6x9 and learned how to create covers on MS Word. xD Yes, there are tutorials to make PDF (print ready) covers, which I am watching constantly. I am also very happy to say that my skills are probably only for personal use at the present time, but I am still open to requests, should I ever get any. I have a new link in the page(s) section that will direct you guys to a nifty site I made to index all of my social-media. Which means you can find the link to all of my graphics examples.

I think that my first published work will be Pictures of You, because it is meeting my high-set standards much better than I expected. I need to complete the novel, reach my goal of 80K+ words (because I am pushing my limitations and boundaries with this novel). By doing this, I will know my estimated page-count, word-count and will have more statistics for when I go to start creating the paperback. (Yes, the paperback will come first, because I love print books.) I am working on e-book copies as well, those projects are test subjects as well. 

Anyways, that has been my week thus far. Keep your eyes open for more updates from me. I hope to share more soon. Check out my FB page, you will get notifications from me. You will get my tweets, my GoodReads updates, my blog posts. Everything! I have it all figured out. Also, you will get links to giveaways that I entered or that I am hosting/sharing. 

Have a splendid weekend and I will see you all on Sunday!

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