Sunday, November 8, 2015

I'm Behind in My Work! \o/

Good morning everyone. I sincerely hope you are all well. I am quite behind in terms of reviewing books on my TBR. I hope it is not because I am losing interest. How could I lose interest? I mean, I do go through such phases at times and then come back later, but I don't want that to happen in this case. If it does, I will deal with it.

Anyways, I have decided what will be my next posting book. As a matter of fact, it is a brand new idea that I pulled together this weekend. I was inspired by the TV series, The Flash, which I have been watching with my siblings the passed week. Anyway, I do not have a full outline of it in my head yet, but the main male character will have an obsession with the The Flash. The two main characters are also going to have hearing and speaking impairment. I do not plan to stray away from my usual Christian elements. This book will have that in there, as always. 

Grant Gustin. Now, due to my inspiration from watching the TV series, I believe he would be perfect for the main male character. I have this really neat idea: Because his character is going to be OBSESSED with The Flash, it made sense that I would make it ironic that he likes that hero, to give him the name Barry Allan. Now, yes, that is ironic enough, but the story is not a fan-fiction. Barry will the one with hearing impairment, but he will not be born with it the way my leading lady is mute from birth. 

Barry is going to be a very cool character to write. Along with this fantastic character, there has always gotta be the main female character, who will be his equal. Shall I introduce you to her?

Monica Dawson. Now, you all know my respect for Lucy Hale. Looks-wise, she plays many of my main characters, and I always go back to her when I do not have anyone else in mind. 

Monica is going to be a great character for me to write as well. I am really stepping up my game with some of the traits she will have. She is going to be an EPIC guitar player, but she will have her every day troubles as well. I have decided to incorporate the element of bullies. Monica is going to have speech impairment, and she is going to be made fun of a lot because of it. 

Now, Barry and Monica are going to strike up a friendship and become each other's missing sense. As I have decided to write in the summary: Barry will become Monica's voice; Monica will become Barry's ears. They are going to meet in a therapy program that encourages the impaired in their hobbies and helps them build their language skills. Sign language. I intend for them to fall for each other later. I requested a cover on Wattpad, so I am waiting for the artist to accept my request and state the payment options. This book will also have some supernatural elements. Do not ask me what or why, but that is what I plan to do. :D

I know that I said I do not really have an outline yet, but as I am writing this post, I am getting all these ideas. So, you guys are learning about the story right now as I am thinking of it! Anyways, this is going to be fun for me to write. (To read my almost ready summary, just highlight the white section below this paragraph.)

Monica Dawson wants nothing more than to play the guitar. There is one problem: She was born mute. Without a voice, Monica is unable to speak up for herself when people make fun of her. The only way Monica can express herself is through her guitar playing. She joins a local music therapy program, meant to help her become more comfortable with the use of sign language while letting her learn to play the guitar more professionally. It is in this therapy program that Monica meets Barry, a young man obsessed with The Flash comics, and a guitar wizard. However, Barry is in the program recovering from a recent accident that caused him to lose his hearing. Monica and Barry strike up a friendship unlike any other. He becomes her voice; she becomes his ears.

Pictures of You is coming along, at a slower pace, but it's coming. I will be posting a new chapter tomorrow, so keep an eye open for that. I also a new cover for this story from the same artist as above. (The cover was a premade, but I love the style, so I was eager to get my hands on them.) Because I would like to use the current cover for my published book. Yes, I want to publish this book, because I want to see it in my hands. Whenever I want something in my hands, it is because it is AWESOME!

This book is one of my babies, I have to say. I mean, all my writings are my babies, but this one steals the cake.

A lot of people are doing NaNoWriMo and I love watching their progress. I will definitely participate next year. Well, that is all for today. I will be back later this week. God bless you!

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