Sunday, November 29, 2015

Earphones are Awesome!

Hello! Another week gone, and a new one arrives. I did not post on Friday because there was nothing really to blog about. Anyway, let me get this going!

So, last week was not really my prime writing week, and that's okay. I guess I needed the break. Taking a break from writing never hurt anyone, and I think I will benefit from that. I've taken several breaks in past years, and they benefit the author's mind. Sometimes, the brain needs a break to clear the imagination chambers. *winky-face*

I managed to get myself a nice pair of earphone, since my laptop speaker died a couple months ago. I was sharing earphones with one of my brothers, along with several other people, and it was just getting to me. Most of everything I do on my laptop involves some sort of sound. I can't do anything without earphones. So, I think my $10 were well spent.

I pulled out all my old notebooks and have decided that it is high time I finished some of those amazing story ideas. It will change the pace and get me back into the swing of writing. I think they deserve to be put out there for people to see and enjoy. Especially the stories that are halfway completed, I just need to TYPE them up. *rolls eyes* I don't favor typing after writing it on paper. Which I do a lot, when I have a brilliant idea and I am not on my laptop. (When my sister uses my laptop, it puts a small pebble in the road.)

As I often mention, I am looking into CreateSpace for my sister. I have learned all the ropes and I think the final thing to do is actually utilize the online publishing platform, and send myself a hardcopy "draft" of one of my stories to see what it looks like. Having a hardcopy of a story that I wrote would be awesome.

Well, that is all for now. See you later! God bless!

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