Sunday, November 22, 2015

Coming of Age . . . Young Adult Writing!

(Written over the course of a few hours)
Hey peoples! Well, it is a new week and I am only just getting started. I did not start today like usual. I am pretty much at the beginning of my Sunday. That's okay, its been slow today anyway.

I've been trying to do some writing for . . . pretty much everything that I have been working on, but it's not that big of a deal. I will get into it as time flies by. Which brings me to announce what I am planning . . . Or should I announce it? 

Yes, this is my new idea, and it is my desktop background. I have not done much with it, except create a small outline, character outlines, and as you can see, the lovely graphic(s). I sat or a few hours last week and just goofed around with the idea. I'm going through a Grant Gustin phase. He just fits the character's physique, with a bit of my own character-imaginations. I am really experimenting with this story, and I think it will be pretty cool when posted. 

Heart and Soul is coming along, though I have only just begun to add to it today. It is coming along, and I hope to start posting it soon, but that all depends on how my writing goes with Pictures of You.  Which brings me to that book. I am at a stand-still. I am supposed to post the next chapter tomorrow, but I am worried that nothing is going to fall into place like I originally planned. Chapter ten was posted and the people who commented thought the characters were being too French, and too much. I agree with them, but the thing is that it folds into the plot I am planning. I can't go back and reconstruct a chapter now, I've already got a few chapters written afterwards. To reconstruct that chapter means reconstructing the chapters that follow. It is because of this detail that I am halted. So, to keep from discouraging myself in writing this book, I want to keep moving and hope people see how it all fits later.

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Now I'm finished! God bless you all and I will see you later, ciao!

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