Sunday, October 11, 2015

What is MLHarper22 up to?

Hey all! So, instead of just waiting for you guys to comment, I decided to just throw together this post with what I am up to on my OTHER Wattpad account, MLHarper22.

The covers above are only a smidgen of what I have posted on MLHarper22. I shall take great care to explain each story, along with their cover. Let's get started!!!

 Country and City series
Is my Little House on the Prairie fan-fictions. I use all the original characters from the TV series (and the books) but add my own characters as well. The first cover is the book I had completed two years ago, and only recently I have decided to continue the series.

The Roleplay
As the cover implies, yes, this book was a finalist in the 2013 WattyAwards! This book is a crossover-fan-fiction, and I wrote while going through my Alex Pettyfer/Justin Bieber/Nick Jonas phase of my teen years. Yes, this book is that OLD. I had written it when I was 14 years old, and had deleted it, but then re-uploaded it to enter it into the Wattys2013. Learning that this book was a finalist gave me the confident boost I needed to keep writing. I had thought I sucked at writing and was ready to give it up. Thank goodness, I didn't, and look at me now!

Genetic X
Was my first "paranormal-ish" book, and I have not gone back to recreate any more such writings. This book was written during the Twilight hype, and I was trying to be the cool girl who could create something similar, without bringing actual vampires/werewolves into play. I call my characters Shape Shifters. I made this quite clear when I posted the story, and I completed this book . . . last year. I still have the notebook I wrote it in, and I plan to make it better, when given proper time.

My Dear Emma
Sherlock Holmes Fan-Fiction/Romance

Yes, I went as far as writing a fan-fiction from one of my favorite books. Using my knowledge of the original story, and the twisted movie plot(s), I came up with a story that I quite enjoy. I have not finished it yet, but I am just waiting for the right time to get to work on it again.


My One Direction fan-fictions!! Now, all of these are complete, with the exception of It Takes Two, because I started posting that book only a few months ago. Eighteen was written for a contest, the week that Zayn Malik left the band. So, yeah, that would explain why it is quite . . . dark.

Other than that, my 1D fan-fictions are quite popular, from what I can tell. My readers on that account are very quiet, unless they leave me a ♥ comment, or something. The Mommy Direction was inspired by a few things, but I shall not elaborate on it.


My very first short stories!!!! So, yes, that would be the reason why the pen-name is different. I experimented pen-names until I found one I liked. Hadassah Harper. All remain unedited, to show my progress in writing.

Well, hope you enjoyed this post! You can click HERE if you wish to read any of them. God bless and see ya soon!

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