Sunday, October 11, 2015

What is HaddieHarper up to?

Good morning! So it seems that this post is being prepared an entire day early, but necessary.

Scarred Hearts has been doing very well. The reads have gone up A LOT over the last couple of weeks. At least 100 reads every four days. So, to me, that is quite a lot. I have not kept track of the SYTYCW15 o.o Which worries me. It just dawned on me. . . . *after checking* Okay, I am not in the top 55, which means . . . Yeah. Big whoop. I am still in the Wattys2015, and I can always self-publish. . . . Yes, I am considering it. I just lack a few things to get that going. I am reading up on KDP (Kindle Direct Publish) and Createspace. So, maybe I will be on Amazon after all.

Now I am feeling bummed . . . I really was eager to get far in SYTYCW15. God's will be done. Maybe that is not the route for me to take. Not everyone wants to read the content I write, and that is okay. I have my select audience somewhere.

Pictures of You
Is doing very well. In terms of writing, posting. I have not had feedback yet. But I love where I am headed with the plot. It is just flowing! As previously mentioned, the layout of this book is inspired by the books from Entangled Pub's imprint, Crush. I am thinking about submitting the manuscript to them when it is finished. But then again, I am thinking about self-publishing first.
As also mentioned, the protagonist(s) in this book reflect some people I know, or knew. They are best friends, but if you wish to know what I have twisted in the plot (because I have to rewrite my summary now that I am going a little off *wiggles eyebrows*). I honestly love what is happening in the story and hope my readers have been enjoying it. If you would like to read the book (updated weekly) click HERE. Do not ask me why it is marked as Fan-Fiction, that was Wattpad's doing, not mine.

 Escaping Reality
Is not going to move forward for a while. I am so engrossed in writing Pictures of You that I have not written much for this book. I have written the prologue and have chapter one sitting in drafts. What I do not have is chapter two on the move. This book is basically . . . for experimental purposes. Yes, Cameron Dallas is so cute and I could not resist using that image in the cover, (yes, I made that cover). I am trying to see how far I can take my writing, without going too far away. So . . . expect a bit of ROMANCE and some strong-ish content. If you would like to read the prologue, please click HERE.

Now, as for some of my other writing (on this particular Wattpad account) I am not working on them as much as the ones mentioned. However, I would love to share the covers, if you do not know what they are . . . .


Okay, let me give a brief description of these books.

What Faith Can Do was inspired the the song by Kutless, and I wrote that book quite a while back. It would be considered a short story, with a dash of pain and heartbreak, leading up to relief and blessings. This story is complete.

Rescued is my collection of short story (series) I believe I have shared all the story titles prior to today. It all starts with my short story Saved and continues from there. I have said that I am trying to get that all worked out into one book. I know that it would be a bit scattered in a way. Due to the fact that one of the "books" in the series consists of letters exchanged b the protagonists, and another consists of journal entries. Now, I may not put those portions in the book. I might just make those bonus books or something.

When Push Comes To Shove is a book I began earlier this year, but stopped writing because I did not know where to go further. It is kinda like a modern-day Prodigal son, with a few twists. I really do want to continue working on it, but perhaps when I have finished some of the other books.

Mother's Love was one of my first stories, which was partially written before What Faith Can Do. It is about a young man who tells the story of the love of his mother and her sacrifice that he would have life.

I have several other stories that are not mentioned here, but Change of Heart has been under construction for a long time. The original title was Strong, and my intentions were to encourage people, that though life seems to bog them down, to always look to the Heavens and thank God for everything.

Should I add some more of my work (on this Wattpad account)? YES!


Praises and Miracles (Honor and Respect: Sequel) is a One Direction Fan-Fiction, with a Christian twist. I wrote this a little over two years ago, and have a portion of the sequel in progress. This was during the 1D hype on Wattpad, and it was originally posted on an earlier account until I chose to move it to @HaddieHarper.

Atelophobia was created around the same time I started Change of Heart. It is about a girl (young woman) who is afraid to fail. Ergo, the title is self explanatory.

A Girl's Best Friend was one of my very first stories, one that I constantly put deleted and re-posted on my earlier account.  "Whoever said that 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' obviously did not own a horse." - Unknown

Well, that is all for now. I will make another post like this for my other Wattpad account @MLHarper22. If you think I should do that, comment below and tell me! God bless you all and I will see you again soon. BYE!

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