Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday, Fun Day. For Writing, Of Course!

Good afternoon! So, it is Sunday again. I am just sitting down to start my writing (and whatever else I end up doing), after eating two LARGE portions of lunch. I think this post will inform you what I have partially planned for this week and give you a little insight on what I did over the weekend.

Firstly, it poured rivers of rain yesterday. So much, that the streets of my city(I am not going to give that location away at the present time) were full of water. I think it was just under two-three feet. Literally, it only took about ten minutes to get that flooded, because it was that much rain. My family's property is in the mountains, so we did not really see the flooding until later when it was shared through friends FBs. But our street was covered in water, that was flooding off the mountain as it passed our house. Yeah, it was a lot of rain. But thank the Lord because our garden needed the rain after crazy drought a couple months ago, and we have only had maybe . . . six major days of rain. So the dry earth is finally returning to its usual moist state.

I have always mentioned that 10 of my younger siblings form a choir. On Thursday, K and C (two members of the camera crew) came over to re-film a campfire scene for the choir's next cover video they are doing. Remember the week that the choir and other select members of my family were not in my house with me? Yeah, one of those filming days needed to be redone, that's why the campfire scene was redone.

My writing is still going very good. I now have several chapters ready for their appropriate posting dates, and I now have half of another chapter going. I have been receiving a few comments on Pictures of You, so I am extremely motivated to keep going. I have my idea(s) journal in my lap, open to the page of my "Harper Collection" so that I can remember what I am doing and where I am going next.

I do not remember if I mentioned this, but I am looking into CreateSpace for my sister. I am also looking in KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), probably for myself. Just to experiment and see if that is something I want to do. I am even setting up a PDF file of some of my books to see how I would like them to look. I really like what I did with Scarred Hearts and PoY, because I am making them sort of similar.

To add to both topics I have just explained. the "Harper Collection" is not a series. It is just a selection of m books (both the complete and the unwritten) put together as a set. Like I said, I was inspired by EntangledPub's imprint CRUSH. So I do not mean to steal anything from them, I just really like the way they did that. So I am borrowing that idea with the "formatting" of the book content. Here is a sneak-peek at what I mean.

This is still just an IDEA, but I really like it! I am even adding my personal twist of making the chapter titles have blue/orange hearts and font. Alternating the colors for both characters. This is what it looks like for Ebony, and then Merick is the same but the opposite. The blue becomes orange and the orange becomes blue.

 And it is raining again! xD Praise the Lord for the rain. (The thunder and lightening sounds like on Disney's Aristocats)
So, yeah that is what is going on at the moment. I am still waiting for a couple books to arrive in the mail. I have a few bookblitz-posts going live this week, so keep an eye out for those. Both have giveaways, of which one I am hosting and announcing the winner to the author. I am happy to say that I am getting the balance that I was looking for, and I intend to keep that balance. Well that is all for now. God bless you all and see you soon!

My new favorite song!

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