Sunday, October 18, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 - Am I Doing It?

"Good morning sunshine! The earth says 'Hello'!"

Well, it is a new week here on the homestead. So, *clasps hands together* I am considering doing NaNoWriMo this year. I tried a few years ago, "unofficially", and I failed big time. I was excessively busy, no to mention a MAJOR amateur when it came to writing more than 20,000 words. Most of my first stories were never more than that. O.O Failing to write more than that many words, I almost gave up writing, ALMOST. I went through a brief phase of "Writer's Block" but got right back into the game after a new idea hit me.

So, back to NaNoWriMo. I am only CONSIDERING doing it this year, because I am on a roll writing my current book Pictures of You. (Which is at 41k words right now. I have two new story ideas that would be great candidates for the 30 day challenge, but November is one of the busiest months at home. You know, the holiday season starts to come around, and my house gets full of random visitors. So I do not know if I will have enough time to write much, and with my sister using my laptop in the afternoons . . . Yeah, so I am thinking about it.

On a similar, but different note. Notice the lovely cover display I have placed at the header of this blog? Yes, I made those covers. Yes, those are the books that I am either working on currently, or am setting up to write, or am editing. I was inspired by EntangledPub's way of making their books from the CRUSH imprint appearing that they are from a series, even though they are not. I liked that idea, so I shot out from that. My awesome water mark was made by BeyondCreative on Wattpad. I truly appreciate her effort to make it for me.

I plan to write a lot this week, but Saturdays are going to be my day off. My sister will work all day Saturday, Sunday is mine, and we alternate hours in the week. Yeah, we worked it out and I need that balance. 

So, yeah. That is about all for now. I will keep you guys updated on my final decision about NaNoWriMo. See you all soon!

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