Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More New Books! Again. . .

Good morning! Guess what?! Yes, I know, the title of this post gives it away. But I will say it anyways. I have more new books! I received two of my B&N book order yesterday. Books 2 and 3 in The Books of the Infinite series. xD Yes, Judge and King have arrived. I am already reading Judge, because I read the first book, Prophet a few months back, on my Kindle app. I have a review of that on my book blog. Just click HERE. It is very brief, but that was when I was just starting to get the hang of reviews.

Anyways, here are the lovely covers of the books, along with the covers of the other books I am waiting for.

Funny story about the last two books I am waiting for. I was originally going to get A Noble Groom on B&N, but the price rose at the last minute, so I thought I had run out of GC money. The same book was available on Amazon, but I could not afford it, since I had a 5$ GC I won. So, I was going to get The Preacher's Bride on Amazon, because it was under a buck for a used book. But then, A Noble Groom became available for my spending-cap, so I bought that instead and moved the other book to my wish-list for next time. So, if I did not mention this already, I found just under 7$ leftover on B&N and was able to get The Preacher's Bride!!! So now I am getting all the books I wanted!

That is my book talk, for now. I will have another update for that soon. On to my writing!

I have a new book that I am working on when I am not working on Pictures of You. It is called Escaping Reality. I am involving personal experience in a foster home to the plot. Now, not everything I chose to include in the plot is personal experience. I am experimenting with my writing, and I want to see how this works out. Here is the cover I made for it.

Well, that is all for now. God made you special, and He loves you very much! Bye!

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