Friday, October 30, 2015

My Book Finally Came!

Okay, well technically it is still sitting in my post office box, but I got the email confirmation that Prophet by R.J. Larson has finally arrived to Invisible Island! It should have arrived two weeks ago, before A Noble Groom, but it was in transit from Florida for three weeks so I assumed it got lost. Nope, it is in my post office, waiting for me to go get it.

I would have went two days ago, when I got the email, but my family was without a car. O.O No worries, my dad worked on it for two days with his mechanic friend, and now we are back in motion. My mom is currently using the car to get groceries, so I could not convince her to go across town to get my mail. o.o

Well, I just wanted to update you guys on that. Lots of writing to do this weekend! Remember, God made you special and He loves you very much! Bye!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday, Fun Day. For Writing, Of Course!

Good afternoon! So, it is Sunday again. I am just sitting down to start my writing (and whatever else I end up doing), after eating two LARGE portions of lunch. I think this post will inform you what I have partially planned for this week and give you a little insight on what I did over the weekend.

Firstly, it poured rivers of rain yesterday. So much, that the streets of my city(I am not going to give that location away at the present time) were full of water. I think it was just under two-three feet. Literally, it only took about ten minutes to get that flooded, because it was that much rain. My family's property is in the mountains, so we did not really see the flooding until later when it was shared through friends FBs. But our street was covered in water, that was flooding off the mountain as it passed our house. Yeah, it was a lot of rain. But thank the Lord because our garden needed the rain after crazy drought a couple months ago, and we have only had maybe . . . six major days of rain. So the dry earth is finally returning to its usual moist state.

I have always mentioned that 10 of my younger siblings form a choir. On Thursday, K and C (two members of the camera crew) came over to re-film a campfire scene for the choir's next cover video they are doing. Remember the week that the choir and other select members of my family were not in my house with me? Yeah, one of those filming days needed to be redone, that's why the campfire scene was redone.

My writing is still going very good. I now have several chapters ready for their appropriate posting dates, and I now have half of another chapter going. I have been receiving a few comments on Pictures of You, so I am extremely motivated to keep going. I have my idea(s) journal in my lap, open to the page of my "Harper Collection" so that I can remember what I am doing and where I am going next.

I do not remember if I mentioned this, but I am looking into CreateSpace for my sister. I am also looking in KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), probably for myself. Just to experiment and see if that is something I want to do. I am even setting up a PDF file of some of my books to see how I would like them to look. I really like what I did with Scarred Hearts and PoY, because I am making them sort of similar.

To add to both topics I have just explained. the "Harper Collection" is not a series. It is just a selection of m books (both the complete and the unwritten) put together as a set. Like I said, I was inspired by EntangledPub's imprint CRUSH. So I do not mean to steal anything from them, I just really like the way they did that. So I am borrowing that idea with the "formatting" of the book content. Here is a sneak-peek at what I mean.

This is still just an IDEA, but I really like it! I am even adding my personal twist of making the chapter titles have blue/orange hearts and font. Alternating the colors for both characters. This is what it looks like for Ebony, and then Merick is the same but the opposite. The blue becomes orange and the orange becomes blue.

 And it is raining again! xD Praise the Lord for the rain. (The thunder and lightening sounds like on Disney's Aristocats)
So, yeah that is what is going on at the moment. I am still waiting for a couple books to arrive in the mail. I have a few bookblitz-posts going live this week, so keep an eye out for those. Both have giveaways, of which one I am hosting and announcing the winner to the author. I am happy to say that I am getting the balance that I was looking for, and I intend to keep that balance. Well that is all for now. God bless you all and see you soon!

My new favorite song!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What am I reading? - More Book Covers

So, one of my book orders arrived yesterday and I am already at page 248 of A Noble Groom. I love it. I keep telling my sister(s) and my mom not to let the cover fool them. Because the story is much more than "romance", which is what they think. I plan to have a full review posted on my book blog, if I get the time to sit and explain it.

I am working very hard on Pictures of You, and I L♥VE how it is coming out. I am also studying up on Create Space for my sister, so I am thinking about that for myself as well. I have been coming up with other stories to start when I finish the other ones I am working on. Here are the covers to get me motivated. Most of these you have already seen in my header of this blog. But now I have a few new ones.
Also, I do not have the time for NaNoWriMo, so I am just going to write during the month in my own time. Maybe I will finish another book next month. -Shrugs-
Well, enjoy the covers and I will see you soon!




Sunday, October 18, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 - Am I Doing It?

"Good morning sunshine! The earth says 'Hello'!"

Well, it is a new week here on the homestead. So, *clasps hands together* I am considering doing NaNoWriMo this year. I tried a few years ago, "unofficially", and I failed big time. I was excessively busy, no to mention a MAJOR amateur when it came to writing more than 20,000 words. Most of my first stories were never more than that. O.O Failing to write more than that many words, I almost gave up writing, ALMOST. I went through a brief phase of "Writer's Block" but got right back into the game after a new idea hit me.

So, back to NaNoWriMo. I am only CONSIDERING doing it this year, because I am on a roll writing my current book Pictures of You. (Which is at 41k words right now. I have two new story ideas that would be great candidates for the 30 day challenge, but November is one of the busiest months at home. You know, the holiday season starts to come around, and my house gets full of random visitors. So I do not know if I will have enough time to write much, and with my sister using my laptop in the afternoons . . . Yeah, so I am thinking about it.

On a similar, but different note. Notice the lovely cover display I have placed at the header of this blog? Yes, I made those covers. Yes, those are the books that I am either working on currently, or am setting up to write, or am editing. I was inspired by EntangledPub's way of making their books from the CRUSH imprint appearing that they are from a series, even though they are not. I liked that idea, so I shot out from that. My awesome water mark was made by BeyondCreative on Wattpad. I truly appreciate her effort to make it for me.

I plan to write a lot this week, but Saturdays are going to be my day off. My sister will work all day Saturday, Sunday is mine, and we alternate hours in the week. Yeah, we worked it out and I need that balance. 

So, yeah. That is about all for now. I will keep you guys updated on my final decision about NaNoWriMo. See you all soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

What is MLHarper22 up to?

Hey all! So, instead of just waiting for you guys to comment, I decided to just throw together this post with what I am up to on my OTHER Wattpad account, MLHarper22.

The covers above are only a smidgen of what I have posted on MLHarper22. I shall take great care to explain each story, along with their cover. Let's get started!!!

 Country and City series
Is my Little House on the Prairie fan-fictions. I use all the original characters from the TV series (and the books) but add my own characters as well. The first cover is the book I had completed two years ago, and only recently I have decided to continue the series.

The Roleplay
As the cover implies, yes, this book was a finalist in the 2013 WattyAwards! This book is a crossover-fan-fiction, and I wrote while going through my Alex Pettyfer/Justin Bieber/Nick Jonas phase of my teen years. Yes, this book is that OLD. I had written it when I was 14 years old, and had deleted it, but then re-uploaded it to enter it into the Wattys2013. Learning that this book was a finalist gave me the confident boost I needed to keep writing. I had thought I sucked at writing and was ready to give it up. Thank goodness, I didn't, and look at me now!

Genetic X
Was my first "paranormal-ish" book, and I have not gone back to recreate any more such writings. This book was written during the Twilight hype, and I was trying to be the cool girl who could create something similar, without bringing actual vampires/werewolves into play. I call my characters Shape Shifters. I made this quite clear when I posted the story, and I completed this book . . . last year. I still have the notebook I wrote it in, and I plan to make it better, when given proper time.

My Dear Emma
Sherlock Holmes Fan-Fiction/Romance

Yes, I went as far as writing a fan-fiction from one of my favorite books. Using my knowledge of the original story, and the twisted movie plot(s), I came up with a story that I quite enjoy. I have not finished it yet, but I am just waiting for the right time to get to work on it again.


My One Direction fan-fictions!! Now, all of these are complete, with the exception of It Takes Two, because I started posting that book only a few months ago. Eighteen was written for a contest, the week that Zayn Malik left the band. So, yeah, that would explain why it is quite . . . dark.

Other than that, my 1D fan-fictions are quite popular, from what I can tell. My readers on that account are very quiet, unless they leave me a ♥ comment, or something. The Mommy Direction was inspired by a few things, but I shall not elaborate on it.


My very first short stories!!!! So, yes, that would be the reason why the pen-name is different. I experimented pen-names until I found one I liked. Hadassah Harper. All remain unedited, to show my progress in writing.

Well, hope you enjoyed this post! You can click HERE if you wish to read any of them. God bless and see ya soon!

What is HaddieHarper up to?

Good morning! So it seems that this post is being prepared an entire day early, but necessary.

Scarred Hearts has been doing very well. The reads have gone up A LOT over the last couple of weeks. At least 100 reads every four days. So, to me, that is quite a lot. I have not kept track of the SYTYCW15 o.o Which worries me. It just dawned on me. . . . *after checking* Okay, I am not in the top 55, which means . . . Yeah. Big whoop. I am still in the Wattys2015, and I can always self-publish. . . . Yes, I am considering it. I just lack a few things to get that going. I am reading up on KDP (Kindle Direct Publish) and Createspace. So, maybe I will be on Amazon after all.

Now I am feeling bummed . . . I really was eager to get far in SYTYCW15. God's will be done. Maybe that is not the route for me to take. Not everyone wants to read the content I write, and that is okay. I have my select audience somewhere.

Pictures of You
Is doing very well. In terms of writing, posting. I have not had feedback yet. But I love where I am headed with the plot. It is just flowing! As previously mentioned, the layout of this book is inspired by the books from Entangled Pub's imprint, Crush. I am thinking about submitting the manuscript to them when it is finished. But then again, I am thinking about self-publishing first.
As also mentioned, the protagonist(s) in this book reflect some people I know, or knew. They are best friends, but if you wish to know what I have twisted in the plot (because I have to rewrite my summary now that I am going a little off *wiggles eyebrows*). I honestly love what is happening in the story and hope my readers have been enjoying it. If you would like to read the book (updated weekly) click HERE. Do not ask me why it is marked as Fan-Fiction, that was Wattpad's doing, not mine.

 Escaping Reality
Is not going to move forward for a while. I am so engrossed in writing Pictures of You that I have not written much for this book. I have written the prologue and have chapter one sitting in drafts. What I do not have is chapter two on the move. This book is basically . . . for experimental purposes. Yes, Cameron Dallas is so cute and I could not resist using that image in the cover, (yes, I made that cover). I am trying to see how far I can take my writing, without going too far away. So . . . expect a bit of ROMANCE and some strong-ish content. If you would like to read the prologue, please click HERE.

Now, as for some of my other writing (on this particular Wattpad account) I am not working on them as much as the ones mentioned. However, I would love to share the covers, if you do not know what they are . . . .


Okay, let me give a brief description of these books.

What Faith Can Do was inspired the the song by Kutless, and I wrote that book quite a while back. It would be considered a short story, with a dash of pain and heartbreak, leading up to relief and blessings. This story is complete.

Rescued is my collection of short story (series) I believe I have shared all the story titles prior to today. It all starts with my short story Saved and continues from there. I have said that I am trying to get that all worked out into one book. I know that it would be a bit scattered in a way. Due to the fact that one of the "books" in the series consists of letters exchanged b the protagonists, and another consists of journal entries. Now, I may not put those portions in the book. I might just make those bonus books or something.

When Push Comes To Shove is a book I began earlier this year, but stopped writing because I did not know where to go further. It is kinda like a modern-day Prodigal son, with a few twists. I really do want to continue working on it, but perhaps when I have finished some of the other books.

Mother's Love was one of my first stories, which was partially written before What Faith Can Do. It is about a young man who tells the story of the love of his mother and her sacrifice that he would have life.

I have several other stories that are not mentioned here, but Change of Heart has been under construction for a long time. The original title was Strong, and my intentions were to encourage people, that though life seems to bog them down, to always look to the Heavens and thank God for everything.

Should I add some more of my work (on this Wattpad account)? YES!


Praises and Miracles (Honor and Respect: Sequel) is a One Direction Fan-Fiction, with a Christian twist. I wrote this a little over two years ago, and have a portion of the sequel in progress. This was during the 1D hype on Wattpad, and it was originally posted on an earlier account until I chose to move it to @HaddieHarper.

Atelophobia was created around the same time I started Change of Heart. It is about a girl (young woman) who is afraid to fail. Ergo, the title is self explanatory.

A Girl's Best Friend was one of my very first stories, one that I constantly put deleted and re-posted on my earlier account.  "Whoever said that 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' obviously did not own a horse." - Unknown

Well, that is all for now. I will make another post like this for my other Wattpad account @MLHarper22. If you think I should do that, comment below and tell me! God bless you all and I will see you again soon. BYE!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More New Books! Again. . .

Good morning! Guess what?! Yes, I know, the title of this post gives it away. But I will say it anyways. I have more new books! I received two of my B&N book order yesterday. Books 2 and 3 in The Books of the Infinite series. xD Yes, Judge and King have arrived. I am already reading Judge, because I read the first book, Prophet a few months back, on my Kindle app. I have a review of that on my book blog. Just click HERE. It is very brief, but that was when I was just starting to get the hang of reviews.

Anyways, here are the lovely covers of the books, along with the covers of the other books I am waiting for.

Funny story about the last two books I am waiting for. I was originally going to get A Noble Groom on B&N, but the price rose at the last minute, so I thought I had run out of GC money. The same book was available on Amazon, but I could not afford it, since I had a 5$ GC I won. So, I was going to get The Preacher's Bride on Amazon, because it was under a buck for a used book. But then, A Noble Groom became available for my spending-cap, so I bought that instead and moved the other book to my wish-list for next time. So, if I did not mention this already, I found just under 7$ leftover on B&N and was able to get The Preacher's Bride!!! So now I am getting all the books I wanted!

That is my book talk, for now. I will have another update for that soon. On to my writing!

I have a new book that I am working on when I am not working on Pictures of You. It is called Escaping Reality. I am involving personal experience in a foster home to the plot. Now, not everything I chose to include in the plot is personal experience. I am experimenting with my writing, and I want to see how this works out. Here is the cover I made for it.

Well, that is all for now. God made you special, and He loves you very much! Bye!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nothing, But WiFi o.O

Good morning. Or not so good morning. My house has been without lights since yesterday, and they electrical company "fixed" the problem, but then didn't fix it well enough. The lights are working halfway. A few lights turn on, three outlets work, that would explain why the WiFi is the only thing working right now.
My laptop is going to die soon, because my battery sucks. So this might be the end of my post, as I am trying to have something to do later. I hope you are all well. God bless you, and pray that my light problem is fixed soon. :) Bye.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Books!!

Good morning! So, I do not remember if I mentioned my reading slump this week? Well, yesterday the landlord came to bring us our mail, and guess what most of the packages were! Books, for me! Yes! So, I got my signed copy of Catherine Banks' book, Daughter of Lions, and it is about a teenage girl who's father is the Alpha lion of the pride, but she is merely a hybrid and does not possess the ability to shift into lion form. I literally just finished it and plan to have a review on my blog. My point is, that book got me out of my slump. It was just what I needed to get me back into reading.

The next book(s) I got are the Jacoby novels by William Ritter. And the quote on the front of the book, from Chicago Tribune, says "Sherlock Holmes crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer." So I am guessing it is a paranormal/mystery. (My mom did not look too thrilled :s)These books were sent to me from Algonquin, Young Readers, but I honestly do not remember putting my name in. All the same, it is really cool that I got them. I do not know if the books create a series, but I have two books. The first book is called Jacoby and the second is called Beastly Bones and is an ARC. So, those are going to be very interesting. (I will have the covers posted at the bottom of this post)

I sometimes wonder if I should be sharing these book details on my book blog, but I have my system/routine going and I like having two blogs. I keep them running fairly well and I do not feel overwhelmed with the two.

So, my family (the choir and company) returned home last night. After a week of filming their new cover video. The director, K (whom I have mentioned before), along with his crew (of whom I only met C), did a great job. K stayed here the night, because it was too late for him to drive and everyone was exhausted. I think it will take a few days for everyone to get back to normal.

I am only just getting on my laptop today, and I have a bunch of things I want to do before 2pm. Yes, the regular routine is starting back up today. My sister was away all week and she needs to catch up with her stuff. That's okay, I have two new book I want to read anyways.

As promised above, here are the covers of the books I got yesterday. Aren't they gorgeous!

Well, that is all for now (or today). I will see you all again ASAP. God bless you, you're wonderful. By!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lots of Work to Do.

Hello everyone! So, as it would seem, the house is by far too quiet and I have music blasting in almost every room to have some sort of noise. I can't seem to work in utter silence.

Anyways, I have . . . four (4) chapters of Pictures of You in my Wattpad drafts, waiting for to be posted on their appropriate set dates. OKay, technically it is three chapters, but I am near midway-point of another chapter. I have been working on it a lot over the last three days. I wrote a chapter a day until yesterday. Crazy thought!

Anyway, because I plan to have . . . around thirty-something chapters,  I think I am going to have a stand-alone spin-off. I do not know how I am going to do it, but I got the idea this morning and it really is something I want to work with. I am not ready to start it yet. I want to finish Pictures of You. It's gonna be a bit different than my usual writing, but I am willing to give it a try.

Well, that is all for now. I am making myself some lunch. See you all soon! God bless!