Thursday, September 3, 2015

When Your WiFi Acts Like A Butt, Wait It Out

Yes, good morning! I must apologize. It has been a crazy morning. My internet was not working this morning and when it did, I was rushing to catch up on some things that had to be done on my book blog. (Cover reveal happening over there, CLICK HERE)

I am nearly done with one of my review copies, and I am so glad! I read several chapters while waiting for the net to get back up. I KNEW HE WOULD FIGURE IT OUT! No, I am not going to say anything, and I am going to try and keep my review for that book as non-spoiler as possible.

I am so eager to get to writing today. I decided to use my discomfort from yesterday to my advantage, and I made one of the main characters fall ill. Don't worry, it won't be fatal. It's part of the experience when you read it. (Speaking of that, you can now click on the link above to go directly to the story)

I'm done for now. I have a post a day over the last few days on my book blog!


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