Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Reading With My Brother, D

My younger siblings are having a reading challenge at home, to start off the school year. My mom's youngest son, D, is reading next to me, so I am helping him pronounce words he does not know. I finished my zombie quartet yesterday, epic!

If you look to the sidebar >>> you will find my currently-reading list. I still have a few that can wait until later this month, some that I am already further into than others, but it's all good. I've only got three that need to be read this week. So, I am going to be reading those.

I did not get to finish my chapter last night, so I am working on that now. I'm not giving up. Camels don't give when they have a load they cannot carry, so why should I give up? :)

Book blitzes are going live on my book blog, so go check them out! Giveaways, courtesy of the author (and the coordinators) and I have another one going live in an hour. I think you might find an new, interesting read!

Well, that is all for now. I gotta get back to writing. See you on the flip-flop later!

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