Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Plans For This Week

Good morning daily readers! I am currently taking an Amazon.com survey, but I had to get this post up. Let's talk about this week's plans for my blog(s), books, etc.

As you all know, I finished my final bonus chapter for Scarred Hearts, which means I have completed the book almost three weeks before the deadline to be applicable. I am so excited to have completed the book in time. This week I will be revising the original epilogue, to have it match the new chapters.

With the completion of Scarred Hearts, I now have more time to put into my other books that I have not touched in a while. As previously mentioned, I will be working on my story Change of Heart (originally know as Strong). And I will be working extra hard on my new book idea, Pictures of You.

I have several new e-ARCs that I have requested via NetGalley, but I am not going to read them until I finish a few on my currently-reading list (which is listed on the sidebar). I still have time for a few that are in my list, because those deadlines are not until middle of October or November. So I am taking slight advantage of that time to finish the books that have deadlines this month.

Well, that is all for now. I have to go look in the kitchen for something to eat and what to make for lunch. I did not get to eat breakfast this morning, and someone ate my piece of bread I was saving!

See you all later! Ciao!

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