Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Not Bad For A First-Half School Week

Good morning! Well, I just sat down in my workspace, after taking a few minutes to read with one of my six year old brothers. Let's call him Miah, as I have too many brothers with a name that starts with J, and I do not want to get J mixed up with all my bros, as i have already posted about him.

I will be writing some more today. I can't bring myself to stop for three days like I did last time, as the deadline is going to come up fairly quickly. Scarred Hearts is going to be so awesome when it is finished. I just have that strong feeling that I might get to see it in paperback one day. Who would have thought that I would change my mind about becoming a published author? :)

In the midst of writing, I also have to finish those three (four) books by the middle of September. They cannot be pushed off right now. I have a few for mid/end of October, and those are the ones that I am reading at my personal leisure.

Last night, I opened up my manuscript (the one that does not really need to be worked on at the moment) to edit it a bit. I did change it, just added or took away from unnecessary sentences. I also had to fill in some words, because they were missing. Thanks, Dyslexia, you're a trump.

My book is now at 51K words. I had plans to write a few more chapters, giving a count of 25, not including the introduction and epilogue. I have 22 chapters right now. I think I am going to stick to my plan for 25 chapters, and I don't care if the word count goes higher than 55K. I mean, I saw that as the least amount for the Harlequin imprint I am entered under. I keep looking back at the FAQ's and the imprint description to try and keep a clear vision of what I am aiming for. I might just email the support team again, with my new list of questions, because I just want to be completely clear.

Well, that is all for now. I have to get to work on my book. I will see you guys later!

P.S. I never said anything about it being a new month, but hey, I don't need to remind you right? :)

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