Monday, September 7, 2015

Mission Completion! (Little Einsteins)

I finished and posted my chapter today!!!! xD I did it! I wrote a 55K+ novel! I mean, I did it over time, but I finished it!! All I have to do now is revise my epilogue to fit the new chapters, and all shall be well!

I changed the title of my book Strong to Change of Heart. I think it fits the story better and the original title does not go with where I am now headed. I am still headed in the same direction as when I started the book last year, but the title just was all wrong now. I might change it again, but I think the new title works.

I am almost done with the first chapter of my new book Pictures of You, which is going to be awesome! If anyone is familiar with the new Entangled imprint Crush, then you will know that this book was slightly influenced by those kinds of books. Each chapter switches point of views, and it will be light-hearted, but it will go deeper, below the surface.

Ever have a best friend that suddenly could no longer be around you. How would you feel to lose a best friend? Whether that best friend moved away, or died? I would lose it. I don't have that BFF at the moment, but I know it would kill me inside. I'm very loyal. Possibly too loyal, even to those who are not as loyal as myself.

Well, I've got some stuff to do. I must bid thee all farewell. May God bless you!

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