Friday, September 4, 2015

Merick and Ebony - Character Developing

Good morning! I get to reading Crossing the Ice by Jennifer Comeaux!!! XD I've been participating in many of her book release blitzes and cover reveal over the last couple weeks, and now I get to read the first book in the series!! xD
So, last night, though I was working hard on Scarred Hearts, I chose to develop my characters for my new fiction Pictures of You. The title might not make sense at the moment, but later on in the story (because I wrote my layout) it will all fall into place why I chose that title. Also, I was listening to the song while trying to think of a title. Anyways, Merick's character is already developed in my head and in my layout, but Ebony needed to be worked on a little bit too.

I decided to base Ebony on myself, but she is going to be my total opposite, looks-wise. That is why Sasha Piertese is the perfect pick, because she's blonde and has light eyes (I have dark brown eyes and brown hair). She's is to be kind, bubbly, sweet, and full of compassion for certain things in life.

Merick is to be similar to that, but he's got a bit of a wild side to him. Because Merick is based on three people (looks and split personalities), it would make sense to me. I think Merick will be a very lovable character. But you will have to wait until later this month to learn about him. :D

That is all for now. It is Friday, and as usual, I must go look in the fridge and see what I can make for lunch. I will see you all later! Be cool, stay in the pool! Ciao!

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