Thursday, September 3, 2015

Imaginative Brain At It's Best - Might Be Too Much!

So, I've been at work all day. No, I did not get off at 2pm, like I would normally. My sister asked to switch today and work on Sunday. That works for me. Because I managed to finished reading a book and work on the review (which will be posted later this month, due to it being part of a blog tour).

I've got this idea . . . a new book idea. I have the same strong feeling to write it that I did when I started Scarred Hearts a few years back. This idea is not quite like Scarred Hearts, but it is very close and similar. Because one of the characters is based on three people I know all wrapped into one. It's not a romance. It is about friendship. Christian fiction, of course. It is going to be a nice, CLEAN read, and hopefully enjoyable for everyone.

Now, I know that I should keep what time I have left to finish Scarred Hearts, but I just had to get this new idea down and going, because it is too good to forget. I might be adding too much to my plate again (I mean, I've got ten books that I am reading and with the #SYTYCW15 writing deadline). I know I can do this. And it is just putting the idea into a layout so that I can work on it later.
I even have a cast already! I have several characters worked out, but my main characters are who I am most worried about. Hopefully you will not be confused by this gif. Because there is not supposed to be a romantic feel in this book.
Meet Ebony Zaveri and Merick Balin (I actually searched names for them, and they work for me.)

I'm going through a massive Booboo Stewart phase . . . Yeah, that might explain why he's the main character. And I stumbled onto this photoshoot while looking for appropriate pics for a cover. Which I am not working on as much, because I don't know if I am settled on the title yet.

I have more worked out than most would think. And that gif, Ebony and Merick are only teens there. They are actually in their twenties in the book. But there are no other images of these two together, and they are the cast I see in my head.

I don't think I have ever read a book quite like what I am planning to write, but I have a strong feeling that it will be amazing. It's about something that I enjoy and it works in my head. And I feel a little inspired by all the Entangled (Crush) books that I have read over the last few weeks, and I am going to try and adapt that style into my writing, see how it goes. Which means each chapter changes between point of views. I might even make it go back in time when it comes to one of the characters, I don't know. This is just a brain fart right now. But the moment I start t actually work on it, I will be rambling away to you about it. I mean, guy/girl best friends are epic, but this book will have a twist.

Anyways, I am going to get back to Scarred Hearts now. The book has 4.2K reads on Wattpad! XD

See you all tomorrow. As this will be my final post of the day. God bless you and keep you safe. Adios!

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