Friday, September 4, 2015

I'm A Dollar Short

So, as it turns out, (because me and my dad share the same iTunes account) he used a buck of my giveaway earning to buy more storage space on iCloud. >.< But you see, my dad does not truly understand how it all works. And the reason I have not used the $15 yet is because everything I have gotten so far has shown up in his phone. YIKES! So. . . I bought 1D's new single, another song by Kurt Hugo Schneider. I also meant to by the second book in a series I already have on my dad's iPhone (shh! He does not know how that works, and he does not even open the app!) but I purchased book 3 instead :S. But that is alright, I am going to be purchasing the complete series in paperback as soon as I get my B&N GC. Which I won! xD

Anyways, that has been on my mind today, but I think I am over it. And Kurt's voice is like honey.

Okay, I'm done. But these gifs do not do my sentiments justice. CLICK HERE if you wish to know why I am . . .

Okay, I have a chapter to write. See you all tomorrow. God bless you, and have a lovely evening/day/afternoon, wherever you are. :)

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